Perth City Guide

Do you live in the City of Light? Perth offers an abundance of fun fitness classes that will definitely brighten your body – and mind! From barre classes that’ll make your muscles shake to boxing classes that will teach you technique and full body movement, here’s how to get started with ClassPass: 

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Power Living
Power Living is a modern-day physical and philosophical practice, delivering powerful classes to the thousands of yogis.

Yogaworx is where the calming central balance of yoga is touched with a little rock and roll.

Beyondbeing Power Yoga
Beyondbeing Power Yoga is a physical flowing form of yoga to align your body with power, your mind with clarity and your heart with courage.


Box & Bike
Box & Bike is a journey that incorporates two of the most effective forms of fitness, Boxing and Biking. It will transform the way you look and feel.

Lords Recreation Centre
Lords is one of the leading recreation centres in Perth, combining health and fitness facilities and fantastic classes, all in a friendly environment.

FutureFit Studios
FutureFit Studios offers a functional training program, with an innovative training concept and a fun, motivating environment.


Lifestyle Boom
Lifestyle Boom Pilates Studio’s equipment is state of the art. They use the Allegro 2 Pilates reformer, which allows them to incorporate a variety of moves in their classes.

Breathe Pilates
The Breathe Pilates approach to exercise is fun, dynamic and forever evolving. They believe you should truly enjoy moving your body.

Pure Moves
Pure Moves is a boutique exercise studio in Cottesloe offering a range of Pilates mat, reformer, Xtend Barre, yoga, TRX and Power Plate classes.

Core Focus Pilates
Core Focus Pilates Australia offers Reformer Pilates and TRX classes.

KX Pilates – Subiaco
KX Pilates is a boutique fitness studio that offers high-performance group reformer pilates and 1 on 1 Personal Training. Japanese for ‘change for the better’, the Kaizen Experience, or KX, is a philosophy that focuses on small and ongoing improvement. Define your goals and reach your potential and experience Australia’s first high-performance pilates style. 


Rafters Mind Body Air
Try their Aerial Yoga class – you will learn how to take traditional yoga poses and exercises off the ground in order to add a fun alternative to your regular practice! This creative class is great for learning new ways to workout and shows the diversity of the aerial equipment.

Sense of Space
Three friends opened up this studio, initially offering only Contemporary Pilates, Sense of Space has slowly grown to incorporate all aspects of our original vision, including yoga classes, meditation courses, prenatal classes and a range of holistic wellness workshops.

Essence Bodyworks
Redefine yourself with Pilates classes at Essence. These classes will improve strength and confidence.

Xtend Barre – Osbourne Park
Xtend Barre is a full body workout designed for people of all levels of fitness. Xtend Barre’s diverse programs focus on movement of the whole body, delivering cardio, strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Strength Training

Movement Co offers a range of classes, including strength and conditioning, parkour, calisthenics, gymnastics and climbing.

One Fitness Health & Lifestyle
ONE Fitness Health & Lifestyle offers strength, fitness and conditioning classes for everyday athletes or people seeking athletic physiques.

Future Fit Studios
FutureFit Studios offers a functional training program, with an innovative training concept and a fun, motivating environment.

HIIT45 Training
HIIT45 Training combines innovative training styles with the latest fitness technology to ensure your results speak for themselves.


Beatty Park Leisure Centre
Beatty Park Leisure Centre is equipped with brand new state of the art cardio equipment from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Salsa Viva Dance
Salsa Viva Dance offers quality lessons in street Latin dance styles popular in Latin America, the Caribbean and beyond.

Wu Tao Dance
Wu Tao or The Dancing Way, is a dance-based therapy that balances and harmonises the flow of Qi (life-force energy in the body).


Anarchy Training Centre
Anarchy Training Centre is more than a gym. They believe in creating an inclusive training culture, building confidence, skill and more!

No Regrets Training 100
No Regrets Training offers a two storey, fully equipped gym, with an outdoor boxing area! Their facility allows them to offer classes for everyone.

RingFit Boxing & Fitness
The aim at RINGFIT is to be a place for people of all levels of fitness, muay thai skill and boxing skill.

Martial Arts

Ninja Academy
Ninja Academy is a mixed movement training facility, featuring movement training inspired by the Ido Portal method.

Diesel Gym
Diesel Gym is Perth’s newest Muay Thai gym, established out of the legacy of the world-renowned Diesel Gym in the East-end of London.

Jan De Jong Martial Arts
In Ju Jutsu, one learns the science of unbalancing, leverage, utilization of ki (or mental control of physical force), the art of rolling and break falling without damage to one’s body and the controlling and subduing of an attacker. These MMA classes will increase your strength, balance and coordination.

Gym Time

Fine Tune Fitness
Fine Tune Fitness is a first class fitness facility designed to ensure clients achieve outstanding results in a productive and positive environment.

FutureFit Studios
FutureFit Studios offers a functional training program, with an innovative training concept and a fun, motivating environment.

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