6 Tips for Getting Ready Quickly After Class

Squeezing in a morning workout, or even a mid-day workout, has proven benefits: you get your endorphins up early, helping you stay alert and awake throughout the course of the day, and there’s less that can thwart your workout plans. The downside? Finding a way to get a shower in without compromising your schedule, all while looking professional when you head straight to the office. A few strategic choices will help you fit a workout into even the most jam-packed of schedules.

1. Plan ahead

New studio? Take a look to see how many showers they have to figure out your next-day game plan. If there are plenty, you can plan to take a quick rinse (aka proceed to step 2). If there are only one or two, consider skipping to step 6.

2. Shower before class

Yes, this seems counterintuitive, but prep the night before a morning class with a shower. Take care of time-consuming things like shaving or washing your hair so you can get by with just a post-class body rinse, which in general, should only take a minute or two. Not to mention, you can enjoy an extra-long shower guilt free, all with your own products of choice.

3. Power of selection

Pick a choice locker—one that’s by the showers, by the door or by the blowdryer. Post-class, you’ll have easiest access to the things you need most instead of getting stuck in a congested locker room flow.

4. Skip the stretch

Now, let’s be clear—skipping the post-class stretch is not ideal for two reasons: one being that stretching is critical to injury prevention and two, ducking out of class early can ruin the vibe and energy of class (and be considered insulting). But, plenty of classes and instructors mention that it’s ok if you need to get moving as soon as class is over. If that’s the case, feel free to take them up on the offer and get to the showers first—just be sure to set aside some time during the day to squeeze in a few stretches.

5. Fake it til you take it

The most time consuming part of showering? Washing your hair—and drying it. Skip out on washing your hair after class by doing it the night before. Sweaty class? Spray a little dry shampoo at your roots and hit any damp sections with the blowdryer. Shake it all out, give it a few quick swipes with a brush, and you’ll be looking fresh and new.

6. Pack the essentials

Sometimes even a quick rinse is out of the question. Rest assured—there is still class in your future! Pack a a few essentials in your gym bag to fake a shower and still feel fresh:

  1. Travel sized deodorant: Native’s natural deodorants come in a variety of scents and sizes
  2. Body wipes: A quick wipe with a vacation-scented wipe can help you head out in a snap
  3. Face wipes: Simple’s wipes are gentle enough to remove sweat and makeup without water
  4. Dry shampoo: A few sprays at the roots, a gentle shake out and no one will know the difference
  5. Glossier face mist: Freshen up with a few sprays of this rose-scented spritz

Enjoy the post-workout glow and save a minutes in your day. Sounds like a win to us.

Tatiana Kuzmowycz is ClassPass's Sr. Copywriter. An avid runner, Tatiana likes to challenge herself in class and outdoors, with everything from HIIT classes to hiking. You can find her on the streets of Brooklyn with her dog Duck.