Australia’s Sweatiest Workouts to Get You Through Silly Season

In the lead-up to Christmas, it can be hard to fit in a workout with all the craziness that the holiday season brings. Never fear, Classpass has you covered—we’ve scoped out the best sweaty, calorie-burning workouts across the country that you can fit into an already busy schedule. With all the end-of-year parties and Christmas treats on offer now is the time to turn to some short, sharp workouts to offset the additional calories!


“Power Beans” at LeanBeanFitness is one amazing workout for the ladies! Now available in Bondi AND Darlinghurst, this is a must do workout to get you ready for the silly holiday season (and to help justify that extra serving of Christmas pudding). The trainers at LeanBeanFitness will make you feel incredible, but you have to work for it. Think leg weights, resistance bands, barre balls and quick lunges. You will move, you will sweat, and you will feel extraordinary!

“20:10” at AGOGA in Bondi is next-level interval training—5 high-intensity rounds of Tabata will push your body to the limit, giving you a supercharged, sweat-dripping workout in 30 minutes flat. Class sizes are small and you will be guided by some of Sydney’s best trainers in a boutique studio purposely built for elite group training.

Intermediate classes at KX Pilates will challenge you to a whole new level. Think quick Pilates reformer moves, long static holds, arms, abs, legs…repeat! Classes are limited to those who have already taken a Beginner KX Pilates class, so if this is you, be sure to get to intermediate for a serious burner ahead of Christmas!


“Ride FIERCE” at Bodhi & Ride is spin taken to the next level. In just 45 minutes you’ll blast out a huge cardio session, plus the class features weights, and resistance training so you will keep on burning calories during the afterburn. Classes are in a gorgeous, designer studio and set to the kind of beats you would expect in a nightclub, Vogue has described Bodhi & Ride’s classes as a “Disco Cardio Party”.

“MegaKore” at K-Kore by Lagree Fitness is bringing it’s massively popular, high-intensity Pilates interval training to Melbourne. Classes are 45 minutes and will make you shake like crazy! Taking Pilates into the cardio zone and the extra resistance provided by their machines, this class will literally work your muscles to failure, guaranteeing post-workout calorie burn. And in just one 45-minute class, they estimate that an average size woman will burn 500-700 calories!

“12 Round” at 12 Round Fitness offers the ultimate in flexibility. With multiple locations across town to choose from, you can rock up anytime during your booked timeslot and join in during the next ‘round’. Classes are based around a 12 round boxing circuit, three minutes each, where they combine functional strength and cardio with boxing skills and drills. Super sweaty, never boring, and the calorie burn will last up to 36 hours after.


“CycleHIIT” at Inspire Cycle will amp up your regular spin class. With CycleHIIT, their signature Inspire 30 ride work out, they add an off the bike 30 minute HIIT session. (As if a spin class wasn’t sweaty enough.) While a bit longer, at one hour, Classpassers could get a calorie burn of up to 800 calories, plus the added benefits of more strength, power, and agility work than you will find in your usual spin class. Classes at Inspire Cycle are set to an amazing soundtrack made to push you that bit harder into the fat burning zone.

“LUNCHBOX” at Studio 99 Training Centre is exactly that, boxing during lunch! This short, sharp 30-minute session will have you sweating your way through a fun boxing workout. Punch your way out of the silly holiday season and into the zen zone that a great boxing session can provide.  


“Pilates Amplified (XMAS)” at The Movement Society are classes that take Pilates mat classes to a whole new level and will certainly get you ready for all of those XMAS indulgences. Join the girls behind MVMT for arms, abs, legs and core. You will feel incredible after one of these classes and ready for Christmas celebrations!

“Cardio Boxing” at Anarchy Training Centre is a top pick for a fun, sweaty boxing session. Classes are 50 minutes of simple but fast-paced boxing drills, guaranteed to get your heart pumping, improve your fitness and keep those Christmas pies from haunting you in the New Year.

“THUMP HIIT” at the Hybrid Zone is our other top pick for a super sweaty, HIIT boxing fusion class. These 45-minute classes are usually split into seven different three-minute rounds, with each three-minute round split into 30-second intervals. Punch, kick, and jab your way through some serious stress and fat relieving exercises in small, team orientated group sessions.


“Kick n Ripp” at Total Toning Fitness is a 60-minute fusion of boxing and HIIT fitness. Every class has a different focus but they all combine boxing and kickboxing in a high-intensity format that will help you burn your way through silly season.

“Pure Ashtanga” at Adelaide Ashtanga Yoga Shala is the sweatiest, most strength-building form of yoga practice that you’ve ever had. This practice, the original power yoga, is where almost all modern vinyasa yoga is drawn from. Adelaide Ashtanga Yoga Shala has the only authorised Ashtanga teachers in South Australia, making this class a must for any yogi looking to stay fit and zen this Chrissy.


Nicole is a yoga teacher and mum based in Sydney. Originally from Detroit, Nicole travelled the world for many years before settling in Australia and working as a commercial litigator at a corporate law firm. After having her beautiful daughter she decided to trade in her suits for leggings and can be found teaching, practicing and playing across the most beautiful city in the world.