Weight Watchers Just Added All These Foods To Their Zero Point List

If you are a live and die follower of the Weight Watchers diet plan then today is seriously your lucky day. The company that’s completely devoted to helping men and women all over the world shrink their waistlines just added a ton of foods to their notorious “zero point list.” Hint: you’re going to be so excited. 

The way the program works is simple: you count points instead of calories. Depending on different factors, each person has a different amount of points that they aim to consume on a daily basis to help them reach a goal weight or maintain. Within this program, there is a list of foods that count as zero points—meaning you can eat all you want.

Until now, this list was rather small. Today though, it received an extensive update!

As part of a new WW Freestyle program, dieters will now find over 200 more items in that “free” list, including chicken, corn, eggs, seafood and beans, according to a press release.

Oprah Winfrey, who purchased a 10 percent stake in the company back in 2015 says, “Simpler. More livable. Love that I don’t have to count so many of my favorite foods, like corn and beans.”

Sounds great to us!

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