Cindy Crawford Has Been Doing The Same Workout Routine For 30 Years

Cindy Crawford has been an icon in the modeling world for decades and it looks like nothing has changed. For years we have watched her stay fit and photo shoot ready and wondered “how?” Well, she’s sharing her secrets about the fun fitness routine that she has been doing for 30 years and since her daughter is copying, we think we should, too.

Truth: her secret is to keep things simple. 

For real. She shared in an interview with NY Mag’s the Cut, that she does “20 minutes of cardio and then weights.” But, the fun part is all in the cardio. 

When it comes time to get that heart rate up, Crawford alternates between “trampolining,  running stairs, and hopping on the elliptical.” Sounds like a good time to us. She then spends about 30 minutes to an hour doing “old-school lunges, weights, squats, and bicep curls.” She also adds: “Once a week, I try to go on a hike with a friend so I combine exercise and girlfriend time—it’s the best multitasking.”

This routine has made such an impact that her daughter, Kaia Gerber, who is also a model, has adopted it as well.

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