Try These ClassPass Videos While You’re Home for the Holidays

Heading home to visit family for the holidays means a little slow down in your routine, and for some, a tearful separation from your favorite gyms and studios in the city where you live.

Great news, though: ClassPass’ on-demand videos mean you can take some of your favorite instructors home for the holidays with you. They’re free, and they stream right from the ClassPass dashboard, so whether you’re looking to fit in some quick HIIT intervals before a big holiday dinner or make some time for digestion-improving yoga after the meal, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the best no-equipment workouts on the platform. As a bonus, they all take up very little floor space and, hey, you might even be able to talk your family into participating, too. Happy working out!

Strength and toning

ConBody’s Prison Workouts
Created by a former inmate and designed to fit in a jail cell, ConBody’s no-nonsense workouts are tough, to the point and effective. Check out the current video offerings, Arm Day, Leg Day and Core Day. You can do them solo or combine them into one longer workout (we did Arms and Legs back to back and it was killer). The workouts incorporate cardio intervals with bodyweight strength training to maximize burn.

Strong Confident Living Fat Blaster Beach Workout
Husband and wife duo Scott and Laura St. John have put together a high-energy bodyweight strength training video that requires no equipment at all. Don’t let the beach setting fool you—this is no vacation. Get ready to sweat (and also be uber motivated and feel amazing).

Cardio and HIIT

Move 123 Tabata
While home is a great place to sit and lounge, you don’t want to undo all the hard work you’ve done in class. Keep your metabolism firing on high and your energy up with this quick Tabata set from Move 123. It’s just 10 minutes long but will keep your body guessing for the rest of the day. Perfect when you have just a few minutes to get your move on between busy family plans.

Crunch Explosive Cardio Circuit
If you had to fly a long way to get home for the holidays, Crunch’s Explosive Cardio workout easily counterbalances all of that sitting. It’s a high-intensity, boxing-inspired workout with tons of plyometrics: think squats, jumping lunges and agility. It’s fun, effective and empowering.

Shift 101 High-Intensity Intervals
This functional fitness video focuses on building strength and agility in the “six degrees of freedom,” central to the Shift 101 methodology. This means you’ll grow stronger in your vertical, side to side, forward, backward, twisting and folding movements, making you more resistant to injury and a more well-rounded athlete. The focus on the six degrees means it’s constantly varied and 25 minutes go by in a flash. Plus, it burns a ton of calories and will leave you exceptionally sweaty.

BeFit Maximum HIIT Workout
BeFit’s explosive full-body toning workout will have you moving for 10 minutes straight, alternating between jumping jack variations and strength moves. Do this twice through if you have time. It’s truly terrific!


Joy Yoga Quick Power Flow
Need help getting going in the morning? This energizing flow from Joy Yoga will take just 30 minutes and leave you feeling strong and balanced. If you love a good flow, this one is for you.

Shoulder and Heart Opener
Long travel days and transit delays are easily countered with this brilliant 30-minute practice from Laughing Lotus. We love how this session is structured and how beautifully calm we felt after we’d finished it. All you need is a mat and a quiet space. This might be a great one to invite Mom to do with you, especially if she’s going crazy with holiday preparations.

Jumping Forward and Back
Move 123 has crafted a comprehensive instructional series that focuses on the component parts of a well-balanced yoga practice. Use your downtime at home to work on your technique with this quick video that walks you through the nuances of jumping forward and back. You’ll return to your home studio feeling strong and confident, ready to show off some new skills.

Ground and Slow Down
The holidays are fun but they can also be sheer mayhem. Give your mind a break between outings with 25-minutes of restorative stretching and breathing. This practice is sure to leave you feeling calm and collected, focused and ready to take on the next round of gatherings.

Pilates and Barre

Barre 3’s Total Body Tone Up
Feel great in your holiday party outfits after a Total Body Tone Up with Lisa of Barre3. Their signature workouts are designed to balance the body and produce lean, toned muscles. We love that this one is athletic and fun and requires no equipment.

Yoga Booty Ballet
As cute and sassy as it sounds, Yoga Booty Ballet combines classical moves from the ballet barre with a yoga-inspired practice to leave you feeling strong, toned and aligned. This one is 15 quick minutes of stretch and strength. 

Extreme Core Conditioning
A killer core burn? Yes, please. This workout from Move 123 requires no equipment and very little space, making it ideal for doing anywhere. Expect to work your whole core, including your back and to get a good cardio burn on at the same time.

Blogilates Lean and Sculpted
You’ve probably come across Blogilates in your online fitness searches, and now Cassey Ho’s signature workouts are available on ClassPass! These Pilates sessions are high-energy and a lot of fun: you might not even notice how truly effective they are for toning arms, legs, core and back.


Center Court Choreography
It’s holiday time! Celebrate by getting your groove on with this high-energy dance class from Crunch, designed to mimic the routines of NBA cheerleaders. It feels a bit like a hip-hop class mixed with an aerobics class, so you’ll not only feel sweaty and tired (and terrifically talented), you’ll be able to invite Grandma to join you. It’s a ton of a fun, a great sweat and really accessible, even if you can’t count to four.

Move 123’s 30 Minute Funk
This open-level funk dance class from Move 123 is fun, energetic and easy to follow. You’ll work your full body and get in some great cardio. while you groove. No dance skills? No worries: the instructor walks you through each step and breaks combinations down into smaller sections. You’ll go home after the holidays with a brand new set of moves.

To access these videos, tap the “Videos” tab in your ClassPass app.

Amy Height is a holistic health coach, triathlete and yogi traveling North America full-time to discover the best in nutrition and fitness. She shares healthy living ideas and plant-based, gluten-free recipes at From the Ground Up Wellness. Follow the adventures and find some fit-foodie inspiration on Instagram, amyheight.