Introducing Our First ClassPass Luminary, Whitney Port!

Here at ClassPass, it’s our mission to help people live inspiring lives every day—both in and out of class. We believe that life is made up of the little things and a “full life” can be defined by anything from going for that heavier set of weights to trying out a new recipe with your family.

In promoting these ideals, we want to connect our community with influential people who embody them every day. That is why we are thrilled to introduce Whitney Port as our first ClassPass Luminary! A ClassPass Luminary is someone who believes in and promotes a healthy, full lifestyle—not only through fitness, but through emotional and social wellness. Given that Whitney has built a successful lifestyle brand and influential blog around the idea of total wellness, she was our top choice when it came to finding our very first Luminary.

We had a chance to sit down with Whitney to talk about becoming the first ClassPass Luminary and her views on living a healthy and happy life.

Of course, we started with our burning question…


ClassPass: How do you feel about being selected as our very first Luminary?

Whitney: I feel really honored. I mean ClassPass is such an amazing company for so many different reasons, and I feel super flattered.

For anyone that has followed Whitney over the years, it’s obvious that she has made fitness a priority in her life, but we were curious about when it all started and how her routine has changed through a series of different life events, including her new role as a mom.


ClassPass: Tell us a little bit about the role fitness has played in your life. When did you first start prioritizing it?

Whitney: Fitness is always something that’s been important to me, but more recently so when my father passed away. After I dealt with the grief of losing a parent, health started to become more important to me because it directly affected me.

I started working out on a regular basis not only so that I felt like I was keeping my insides healthy, but also for the emotional aspects. It really got my endorphins running and helped me feel positive and motivated. Both physically and emotionally, exercise was a huge help for me in recovery from my grief.

Obviously, there are amazing benefits that you can see physically, but so much more important is how you feel emotionally afterward.

ClassPass: How do you incorporate fitness into your everyday life?

Whitney: I’m just really starting to get back into the swing of things. Before I got pregnant, I was really active—I was working out five days a week. Now, I’m currently trying to do about three [days] because that’s what fits into my schedule.

It’s really important for me to take that time for myself for a couple of reasons. One, I obviously want to get my body back into shape and I want to feel strong and two, I need that release and that alone time to feel sane. I think it’s so important for us to maintain our identities as moms and make sure we have that free time to take care of ourselves so that we’re the best moms that we can be when we are home with our families.

Also, the great thing about ClassPass for moms is the fact that you don’t have to book in advance. It’s not something like you have to book a class a week in advance or even the day before. The day of, you could just have a free hour all of a sudden and be able to book a class. I think that’s great because as new moms, we never really know what the day is going to bring.

For Whitney and many others, finding time in a busy schedule is not easy, but it’s so important. When she finds that precious time, we asked Whitney why she turns to ClassPass.


ClassPass: What are the benefits of group fitness for you—as opposed to working out on your own?

Whitney: Classes are all about gaining motivation from other people and not feeling alone. When you’re on your own, you can easily make excuses for yourself and take the easy way out. When you’re with other people, you have a little competition—a natural, normal competition. You are also motivated by everybody’s positive vibes and that community feel.

I think that there’s also accountability to show up. I could say to myself, I’m gonna go on a hike on my own, but more often than not, I’ll cancel because no one is holding me accountable. The fact that I’ve signed up for class—sometimes with other people like my sister or my husband (who are also on ClassPass)—means there’s accountability for me to show up.

While important to Whitney, getting back into a fitness routine isn’t the only key to a happy life. Like a true Luminary, she focuses on lifting up not only herself but those around her.


ClassPass: ClassPass’ vision is “Every life, fully lived.” What does a full life mean to you?

Whitney: I think for me, gosh, you know, in the simplest terms, a full life for me means my family is healthy and happy. Those are the only two things that matter and I know that they sound very, very simple, but that’s what life is. If I’m doing all that I can for everybody to be healthy and happy, then I feel like I’m living a full life.

Stay tuned for more content from Whitney and exciting updates in our ClassPass Luminary series coming soon!

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