Misty Copeland Does This Exercise 40 Times Every Morning

Misty Copeland is known worldwide for being one of the most skilled ballerinas in existence, so if there’s something that she’s doing 40 times every day to help her body stay strong and healthy—we’re ready to copy!

Yup…and she just revealed what that exercise is.

To keep her muscles not only strong but flexible, too, this ballerina does 20 relevés on each foot, which non-dancers might recognize as calf raises. Her trainer revealed this insider tidbit to InStyle and we’re pretty obsessed.

Copeland shared that she even drops into recreational ballet classes when traveling and she notes that “this isn’t a long career, so it’s really important to stay in tip-top shape and never stop dancing.”

We love the idea of getting up and starting our day with this fancy footwork to help us prevent injuries and gain strength. We can even knock a few out while we’re waiting for the train.

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