Australia’s Wonder Workouts for Summer Sun and Fun

The great news is that summer is finally on its way, and before we know it, we’ll be heading to the Christmas party, and catching up with friends and family to celebrate another year gone.

It is a busy, chaotic time, and we are trying to fit all in. Sometimes, that means we might be missing out on regular workouts because our social calendar is just as stuffed as a Christmas turkey!

Fear not, because we have a lineup of cardio-boosting and super sweaty workouts to keep you going all summer long!

1. Sweaty spin

One of the highest sweat classes available but also really low impact, the spin class is a really awesome sweat sesh and is great for your joints.

We’ve tried Vicious Cycle (Sydney), Bodhi & Ride (Melbourne), Inspire Cycle (Brisbane) and LAFit (Perth) recently and we can’t recommend them enough! You will burn, baby, burn and come out the other end feeling amazing and ready for summer.

If you can’t get into a class, no worries! There are plenty of bikes floating around the CBD these days, so you could even go for a ride with a friend. Alternatively, hit up Gym Time and do your own intervals on a stationary bike for about 45 minutes.

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2. Hot, hot HIIT

Super sweaty with massive variety so you’ll never get bored, a HIIT workout will have your arms and legs wobbling, with great benefits to your whole body long after the class is over.

You can try out one of these classes:

Push yourself, and make it hurt! The pain never lasts for long, and you’ll feel so great at the end when you know you’ve given it your all.

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3. Bring it on boxing

The Insta-fit ladies like Jesinta Franklin and Steph Smith swear by it, and if you have a look at their abs, they must be onto something, right? Boxing is another great all-body workout, which you can do in the comfort of your own home with a mate, or there are heaps of great classes out there for you to try.

Boxing is both a fat burner and great at improving strength and tone. Plus, it’s an awesome stress reliever. So if you’re having a bad day, boxing is your answer.

Give these classes a go:

What we’re listening to: The Rocky soundtrack (what else!?).

4. Cardio blast

Anything that gets your heart rate up, has you huffing and puffing and gets a sweat up will get you burning calories quickly. That’s definitely what we want when trying to fit in a workout!  A cardio-based class can help with weight loss, get you feeling and looking good, and can help you sleep better to boot.

Make sure you try:

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Nat lives in Sydney and is a lawyer by day. She's enthusiastic about overall health, a vego, and recently has committed to achieving 10,000 steps a day (which is a challenge when the home to office walk is only 1,200 steps!). Nat is a die-hard Hermione Granger fan and she loves getting away for the weekend with family or friends.