7 Easy Hairstyles to Try For Your Next Class

Think about the last time you got ready for a fitness class. How did you style your hair? Chances are (if you’re anything like me), you threw it up into a haphazard topknot without much thought as you hurried out the door. You might question the point of styling your locks when you’re about to sweat for an hour anyway. However, putting a teensy bit of extra effort into your gym-ready look will have you feeling that much more motivated once you hit the spin bike/punching bag/kettle ball/Zumba dance floor. Plus, keeping your hair secure and out of your face will keep it from being a distraction. It’s kind of like when you get to wear brand new gym clothes. When you look your best, you feel your best, and you perform your best.

Ready to sport some fabulous ClassPass approved hairdos? Read on. Or if you’re more interested in letting the professionals take care of it, try getting a hair blowout.

Braided Pigtails

The look: This one is Kardashian and Jenner approved, and functional for every activity from yoga to biking to boot camp.

How to get it: Part your hair down the middle, and pull each section tightly to form secure braids that won’t fall loose during your workout. Keep it simple with a traditional braid, or get a little fancy with french or dutch braids if you’re a pro. Finish the look with a light mist of hairspray, like the Garnier Fructis Flexible Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray ($4.29) to keep your milkmaid babe style locked into place through your whole workout.  

Classic Pony

The look: Let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with a beautiful, classic ponytail.

How to get it: Using a lightweight paste like White Sands Smudge Texture Crème ($16), smooth hair back into a shiny sleek, pony and secure in the middle of the head below the crown and above the nape. To dress it up, wrap a small piece of hair around the band and secure the ends with a bobby pin.

High Bun

The look: Just add a leotard and you’ll be feeling like a prima ballerina ready to take center stage.

How to get it: Slide a bun donut ($2) over your ponytail, which you can find in most stores — or fashion your own sock bun by cutting the toe area off an old sock and then rolling it into a circular shape. Then wrap the hair from the ponytail neatly around the donut and secure into place for a clean and polished style, that’s out of your face as you workout. Seal it with a shine spray like White Sands Porosity ($18) to better disguise oily hair.

Side Braid

The look: This one is ideal if you have short, choppy layers framing your face, or if you’re working on growing out your bangs.

How to get it: Part your hair on the side, and then start braiding across your face right on the hairline. Continue the braid down the rest of your hair to create a pretty side braid, and secure with an elastic band.  

High Ponytail

The look: Something about a sky-high, voluminous ponytail just puts an extra pep in your step and gets you fired up to slay your workout.

How to get it: Don’t go overboard brushing your hair for this one, you want it to look a little imperfect. Use your fingers to comb your hair into a ponytail on the top of your crown. To maximize the altitude of your high pony, you can add some body and achieve that messy-chic effect by adding a mist of texturizing spray, like the Not Your Mother’s Double Take Dry Finish Texture Spray ($7).

French Braid Top Knot

The Look: Sleek in the front, rebel in the back.

How to get it: Starting on either side of your head in the front, create a thick french braid that cascades down toward the other side. Take the braid and the remaining hair, and create a messy top knot. The goal is for the perfect braid to add some contrast to the slept-in, laid-back vibe of the updo.

Retro Headband + Bun

The Look: Channel your 80s workout video nostalgia with a bright, thick headband—so easy to throw on and go when you’re running late for class.

How to get it: Try a twisted turban headband, like this bright coral one from Etsy ($8). Then throw your hair in a messy high ponytail, but on the last loop, don’t pull the hair all the way through.

Julia Cavalieri is a travel and hospitality publicist loving the ClassPass life in Miami. Fueled by cafecito and Florida sunshine, you can usually find her dancing front row at local concerts, planning her next escape to the Caribbean, or obsessing over her funny feline sidekicks, Zooey and Fritz. Follow her on Instagram .