Your Guide to Getting Toned Arms and Abs Just in Time for Summer

Everyone can rock a bikini and look beach-ready all year round. But if you want to refine your abs or arms so you’re even more confident in your bikini or summer dress, we’ve got some great tips to help you look and feel great!

Pilates burn

Pilates is great for slowing down your movements and engaging specific muscles for a really awesome burn. There’s a lot of variety in Pilates classes, from mat to a combination of yoga and Pilates (Yogalates) to Pilates Reformer to Megaformer. Whatever class type you choose, count on Pilates to lengthen, strengthen and tone the major muscles groups (including your core and arms) and improve overall muscular and postural strength. Because of the breathing concentration, Pilates also has a meditative effect. It’s great for switching off the rest of the world for a moment and focusing on yourself.

We recommend you try:

Up the H20

As we are getting into warmer temperatures, it’s good to check in with our hydration levels. Sometimes in summer, it can be hard to resist a sweet and sugary beverage, and we can often be guilty of overindulging in alcoholic drinks as well.

We know that calories in sugary or boozy drinks are essentially “dead calories” as they provide no nutritional benefit but add to our waistlines! To keep your abs and health in line, monitor your drink intake.

We all aim to drink our 2 litres of water every day, but we need even more when we’re exercising in the heat. If we haven’t had enough water, our bodies can sometimes tell us we’re hungry, when really we’re just thirsty.

Think about other ways you can increase your water levels throughout the day. If you’re out for a drinking sesh, remind yourself to have some water in between alcoholic drinks. (Hey, sipping on a mineral water and lime looks just like a vodka soda!)

Keep the water levels up, and you’ll be looking after both your mind and body—and your abs.

Eat your way to awesome abs

There’s no perfect diet we can recommend that will guarantee you a six-pack. However, leafy greens, berries, natural yoghurt, eggs and almonds are all great foods for your belly.

That said, because it’s a busy time of year, we can get a bit lazy with our diets. And if we’re drinking, we might also be craving salty and fatty foods. By all means, indulge, but keep it balanced! If you know you’re going to have a big weekend, plan your week so you’re upping your green veggies and fibre to keep your system moving.

Weights and core

Weight training and core holds are other awesome tools for turning on your abs and arms. Add in a weights and a core portion to your weekly routine and you’ll soon feel your core and arms getting stronger and leaner. We recommend trying these classes:

And if you can’t get to a class or a gym, bodyweight movements are no-fuss, but just as effective for your arms and abs. And give our ClassPass videos a try!

Nat lives in Sydney and is a lawyer by day. She's enthusiastic about overall health, a vego, and recently has committed to achieving 10,000 steps a day (which is a challenge when the home to office walk is only 1,200 steps!). Nat is a die-hard Hermione Granger fan and she loves getting away for the weekend with family or friends.