Here’s What Happened When 4 ClassPass Employees Tried Apple Cider Vinegar

As you may have guessed, here at ClassPass, we take fitness and overall wellness pretty seriously—but, don’t worry, we have fun in the process! Where there is a health trend, chances are there is a ClassPass employee who has tried or is trying it. Apple cider vinegar (more commonly referred to as “ACV” around the office) is no exception.

Over the past few months, four ClassPass employees have been starting their work days with shots of the healthy tonic growing in popularity. According to reports, apple cider vinegar can offer many benefits including lower cholesterol, weight loss, clearer skin and a boost to the immune system to name a few.

We caught up with the group to find out if the rumors are true and whether they think it’s worth your while to give apple cider vinegar a “shot.”

First, get to know the faces behind the facts…

Why did you decide to start taking shots of apple cider vinegar?

According to the group, Mary was a driving force in the decision to give apple cider vinegar a try. “I had been reading about the plethora of health benefits associated with having apple cider vinegar, so I purchased a bottle to test out the theory,” she said. It wasn’t long before the others joined her.

What are the health benefits of apple cider vinegar?

There are a ton, but the most mentioned seemed to be immunity, weight loss, clearer complexion, better hair and digestive health. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Other sources list additional benefits such as lower cholesterol, improved blood sugar regulation and a remedy for hiccups, whiter teeth and even dandruff.

How long have you been taking apple cider vinegar shots?

The group has been doing this every weekday for about five months.

What is the daily routine?

Each morning when they arrive at work, they pour out four shot glasses-worth of apple cider vinegar and toast to a new day.

“I’ve read you’re supposed to take it in the morning and typically people mix it with warm water or lemon. However, the taste is really nasty to me, so I prefer to just take a shot to make the process faster,” Mary stated. “We’ve also read that it’s best if you take it before eating anything,” Ashley added.

How has it been so far? Do you feel any different?

For the most part, everyone agreed that the taste isn’t great, but they haven’t gotten sick since starting the experiment.

I feel like it has helped keep my skin clearer and I haven’t been sick since taking it, I’ve felt the start of a cold coming on but it has always gone away before it fully started,” Ashley said.

Is it something you’ll continue to do?

Four out of four agreed that they would continue their “ACV” experiment as long as they could do it together and motivate each other.

As Mike pointed out, “It’s more of a morning ritual and a ‘let’s start the day’ mentality than a health benefit reason for me at this point.” “I think the ACV shots have a lot of benefits that we may not directly be able to see,” added Ashley.

So, do you have any advice for people thinking about trying it?

Here’s what they each had to say.

“Make it a habit. If you don’t make it a habit, you’ll likely forget it and fall off the wagon. Also, find a way that you enjoy drinking it—some people mix it while we take it as a shot. Whatever works.” –Mike

“Do it as a group for encouragement. Also take it straight up like a shot. When you dilute it, you have to drink so much more. Unless you are the type that likes the taste. I’ve also read that you can add honey to it to make it taste better. I may try this!” –Sonja

“I recommend keeping a bottle on your desk or your kitchen counter. That way, you won’t forget to take it in the mornings.” –Mary

“I think it’s great to do with other people as we do it with our group because we can keep each other accountable. Also, I definitely think it’s best to take it as a shot instead of diluting it and prolonging the process.” –Ashley


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