Weight Watchers Has a New Wine For You To Enjoy At Happy Hour

Many of us look forward to enjoying a great glass of wine and getting together with friends. But sometimes, the thing that makes us second guess accepting an invitation is all of those extra calories that wine brings — especially when we work so hard in class to burn them off. But, Weight Watchers might have an answer to this dilemma. 

The weight-loss company joined forces with wine producer Truett-Hurst to create a wine line that is lower in calories. Score!

The first release from the collection is a sauvignon blanc, which has only 85 calories per class, compared to the normal 105-125 calories per serving in a normal glass of this kind. And if you follow the Weight Watcher plan, that’s 3 Smart Points.

The brand is called Cense, so there’s no obvious Weight Watchers label, and can be purchased online for $15 a bottle. Bottoms up. 

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