Here Are 8 Fitness Items to Splurge on This Season

You know that saying “treat yo’self?” Well, we think it should apply to workout gear, too. If you’ve been in the exercise game for a while, chances are your tanks and tennis shoes have seen better days. And that’s totally cool! We’re not going to class to make a fashion statement—we’re going to get our sweat on.

But, come on, with the holidays juuust around the corner, we’ve all been thinking about what to jot down on those wish lists. Maybe it’s time to finally get that fitness tracker or a nice pair of leggings or a yoga mat you didn’t have the heart (or funds) to buy on your own. Hey, Santa is a nice guy, and you’ve made an effort to not make the naughty list this year. Here are eight got-to-have fitness items to go ahead and ask for.

1. A wristband that does more than count steps

Remember when we were all obsessed with hitting that 10,000 step mark every day? The fitness tracker that started that craze can do a lot more now. The Fitbit Charge 2 monitors your heart rate, measures other workouts beyond walking and running, includes guided breathing sessions, and yep, still counts those steps.

Get it: Fitbit Charge 2 by Fitbit

2. A pair of leggings with pockets (bless!)

Save the environment while you work out? Talk about awesome multitasking! The exercise clothing company Rumi X uses recycled plastic bottles to create its collection. Each pair of Wanderer Leggings saves 16 bottles from heading to a landfill! Plus, they have a comfortable waistband and pockets. (I mean, the pockets alone have us clicking “buy now.”)

Get it: Wanderer Leggings by Rumi X

3. A yoga mat to match your zen

Ground yourself with this no-slip yoga mat made with all-natural rubber. And get this: With every mat sold, the company will plant a tree. Give back to yourself and nature? We’ll bow in asana for that!

Get it: Harmony Professional Mat by Jade Yoga

4. Plus, a towel to keep that mat dry

Is there anything worse than feeling like you might slip right off your mat? Lay out this soft, lightweight, slip-resistant layer between you and your mat, and your slipping troubles will soak away.

Get it: The Towel by Lululemon

5. A roller to work out the kinks

This isn’t your average foam roller. This guy is made with rollerblade wheels (hear us out) for centralizing and massaging sore muscles. Plus, it helps improve circulation, break up muscle adhesions and reduce inflammation. Say, “ahh.”

Get it: R8 by Roll Recovery

6. A bag to contain used gear

Stuffing stinky tennis shoes, a sweaty towel or wet swimsuit in your gym bag after class isn’t ideal. This Teflon-coated bag solves that issue. Its waterproof material reduces odor, prevents bacteria and is just the right size to fit your gear and be neatly packed away in your tote.

Get it: Stellar Black Antimicrobial Gym Bag by Ornadi

7. Wipes to make you feel fresh and clean

If you’re hitting up happy hour after class and don’t have time for a shower, consider wiping down with these. The thick, antibacterial disposable washcloths come individually wrapped, so they’re easy to keep in your bag for times when you just need to take off that layer of high-on-cardio sweat.

Get it: Athletic Body Wipes by ShowerPill

8. A pair of headphones sans cord

Listen up! Whether you’re out for a run or commuting on the morning train, headphones are a must to block out noise and get in the zone. These buds feature adjustable ear hooks, built-in laser lights for added safety and Bluetooth connection. But we’re pressing “buy” just for not having a pesky cord.

Get it: Flye Sport Power Earbuds by Braven

Emily is a recent graduate and proud Midwesterner who just moved to the big city to start her career in magazine journalism. When she isn't commuting between Brooklyn and Manhattan, she enjoys browsing bookstores for her next read, sipping chai tea lattes at local coffee shops, and playing tourist in the city she always dreamed of living in.