Under Armour Has a Subscription Box You Want To Get Your Hands On

We love a great subscription box. They are so fun to receive every single month and you might even call them our guilty pleasure. One of our favorites, Under Armour, just released a new box that is bursting with endless possibilities.

The box is called ArmourBox (well, we wouldn’t expect anything else) and is packed full to the brim with fitness gear that will keep you stylish for class month after month.

Here are the two big perks

Each box is hand-picked with goodies from fitness experts who will choose the pieces for you (talk about taking personal shopping to a whole new level) and the box is completely no-fee. Yes, you read correctly.

You choose if you want to receive the box monthly or every sixty or ninety days — completely your choice. Unlike most subscription services, it’s completely free to have the boxes shipped to you, and you only have to pay for what you keep. And as an added bonus, you get 20% off whatever you decide to add to your fitness wardrobe.

Time to get shopping!

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