Here’s The Gut-Healthy Drink Miranda Kerr Starts Her Day With

We’re always looking for the healthiest ways to get our day started. After all, it’s a moment where we get to pretty much get to start anew, and we want to make the most of it. Miranda Kerr recently revealed the perfect gut-healthy drink that she guzzles down every morning and we think it’s perfection.

In a recent chat with Well and Good, she revealed that more often than not, she’s up before her 6 am alarm, crediting her new love for the morning to her sweet son, Flynn. She then shared how she gets her day started. “In the past, I would drink warm water with lemon or some apple cider vinegar, but lately I’ve just been having plain warm water. Or I’ll make warm water with a prune or two—it’s a really great way to get your digestion moving. I really love it, it tastes so nice. I really like prunes.” 

We’re all about getting things moving right away. Now if only we could trade her morning bev for our morning coffee. I guess we’ll be double fisting on the way to morning class!

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