5 No-Bake Apple Recipes That You Can Make in Under 30 Minutes

There’s no denying this is a favorite fall staple.

Whether you’re picking them off trees in an orchard or buying them at your local store, there’s no denying that apples are a fun staple of fall cooking. They’re sweet, with just the right amount of tang, require very little additional ingredients to make a dish as tasty as can be, and go well with almost anything. Another culinary perk of cooking with apples is that many recipes don’t even require baking or using the kitchen. (Your studio apartment’s not looking so bad anymore, huh?) Here are some of our favorites to get you inspired this season.

Apple cinnamon cookies

For a seriously addicting dessert or snack that’s paleo-friendly, vegan and uses minimal sugar, these apple cinnamon cookies will do the trick. They have a rich, cookie dough-like texture and a sensationally sweet cinnamon flavor. To avoid using heavy oils and butter, this recipe has you swap in medjool dates (which are loaded with fiber to keep your body running smoothly), coconut butter and unsweetened applesauce.

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Apple pie bites

Apple pie is the ultimate in Americana, but it’s often loaded with fat, sugar and calories. It’s okay to have in small amounts, but most times we’re slicing ourselves a hearty sliver. Instead, try these tiny apple bites, which handle the portion control for you. All you need are four peeled, cored and diced apples, brown sugar, lemon, ground cinnamon, vanilla extract, salt, nutmeg and allspice, water, cornstarch and phyllo shells to make the tiny cups. Top with some whipped cream and serve!

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Maple glazed apple blondies

For a dessert that’s sweet like apple pie, with a chewier and richer texture, give this maple glazed apple blondie recipe a whirl. It’s the perfect dessert to serve when hosting (football fans will love them!) or for baking for a celebratory event, like a wedding or baby shower. Note to baker: This recipes’s on the heartier side, so you may want to keep portion sizes small!

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Apple pie protein bars

Protein bars are a ClassPasser’s best friend—they really come in handy when you’re running from class to work or vice versa and do a great job of filling you up and keeping you satisfied until your next meal. Though you might have a go-to brand that you buy from the store, these are fairly easy to make at home. This DIY recipe not only packs in the protein, it also offers a slew of other nutritional benefits. Plus, it’s vegan, paleo-friendly and healthy overall.

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Apple butter

If you’re looking for a quick and easy recipe that’s not only versatile but just may last you through the entire season, try making this apple butter. It only calls for two ingredients: apples and sugar. In addition to the obvious toasts and English muffins, it’s great on pretty much everything—from savory main dishes like pork and chicken to sweet treats like yogurt and ice cream. Kids will go crazy for it, too!

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