Beyonce’s Ivy Park Just Launched a Cap For Curly Hair

All curly haired ladies can do some serious rejoicing right about now (and give a major thanks to Beyonce) because the new Ivy Park collection has included a cap made specifically for those curls and it will change the way you wear your hair.

For real.

You can say “buh-bye” to the days where you worry about hat damage or crushing your pretty curls. This cap completely changes the game – and it’s nothing short of luxurious.

The $35 hat is made of red velvet (yes!) and features the Ivy Park logo on the front. There’s a thick black band that runs from the front to the back, but leaving most of the back exposed to share your gorgeous curls with the world – even though you’re wearing a hat. 

The bad news? It’s currently sold out. Whomp whomp. But, enter your email here and Topshop will let you know when it’s back in stock again!


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