6 Activewear Pieces That Are Workplace-Approved

Even for the most style-savvy and fashion-conscious, dressing for the office can be a total drag—especially if you’re wearing these clothes for a full eight-hour workday and then changing out of them (or into them) before or after a hard-earned workout. Rest assured, there are practical clothing solutions that will satisfy your need for style with your love of fitness. Here are some go-to pieces that are both workplace- and workout-appropriate.

Ankle skinny

If you’re from the popular camp of folks who wish they could wear leggings every day, even to the office, you’ll fall in love with this elegant, super comfy pair of pants. They look like the perfect dress pant, yet they’re made with an Italian fabric that is stretchy and adjustable, just like your favorite yoga pants. They’re also breathable, moisture-wicking and block UV rays, so you won’t have to worry about feeling too hot on your lunchtime stroll.

Buy it now: Athleta, $89

ABC pant

Pair this tall, dark and handsome pair of pants with a nice button-down collared shirt and you’re business-appropriate as can be. Men will be especially ecstatic about one key feature in this design: it’s ABC (anti-ball crushing) support to give the boys some breathing room. There’s a hidden zippered pocket that fits your phone, keys and other personal items while you’re out for a jog or lifting at the gym. You’ll practically want to live in these bad boys.

Buy it now: Lululemon, $128

Everywear jogger

Stay fashion-forward everywhere you go, from the office all the way to bootcamp class and back again. These pants are ideal for just about any kind of workout—running, dancing, stretching, jumping, you name it. That’s because they’re made of 30 percent Lycra fiber, which is twice the amount found in most pairs of tights! It’s also fast-drying, so you won’t have to air them out post-sweat sesh.

Buy it now: RYU, $110

Dress pant yoga pants

Bell bottoms are back and better than ever because they’ve been fused with the stretchy fabric of yoga pants (because, why not!?). This pair comes in all shapes and sizes, from skinny or straight-leg to boot-cut and cropped. The faux zipper and pockets give the appearance of a dress band, but the 1.5-inch elastic waist and rayon stretchiness give the feeling of a comfy workout pant.

Buy it now: Betabrand, $58

Printed breezy tank

More and more active tops are embracing the flow that is still on-trend in the fashion world. This semi-fitted cami has the ideal fit and a stylish pattern that works well with your favorite pair of jeans or office-appropriate black pants. Style expert, Elizabeth Jones of Elizabeth Jones Personal Styling points out that these active camis are great for layering underneath a blazer. Chic in a snap!

Buy it now: Athleta, $49

Course-to-cocktails sleeveless shirtdress

Who knew you could work out in the very same dress you get compliments for wearing at the office? Thanks to the soft, breathable performance fabric used to design this dress, it complements the lives of active individuals who may go from work to physical play constantly throughout their day. The line is designed to balance style with performance, and each piece can be worn on the course, on the court, at the gym and even to work, brunch, happy hour or the movies.  

Buy it now: Lululemon, $64

Dolman cardigan sweater

A great warm up often starts with a layered item of clothing to keep you warm as you get your heart rate up and your blood circulating. Jones suggests looking for a cardigan that offers a loose, woven fabric that can easily be transformed into something more dressy for the workplace. “This cardigan can easily be layered over a dress with a necklace or even a great dress top,” she says.

Buy it now: Nordstrom, $69

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