Aerie Launched The Nude Underwear Collection Of Your Dreams

There’s absolutely no hiding the fact that Aerie, this amazing sister brand of American Eagle has been one of our favorite body positivity brands to date. They just get it and always do a great job of including all shapes and sizes. Now, they’ve launched a nude underwear collection that makes sure to include every single skin color, too. 

Yes, Aerie can now add this to their list of accolades. Also on that list? Un-retouched photos and plus-sized models – just to name a couple.

Last week, the brand unveiled five nude shades of bras and underwear as part of their Aerie Real Me collection. With this collection, nude has a completely different meaning (and it most definitely doesn’t make you think of a vintage Barbie doll), as it embraces so many different hues of melanin and pigmentation variances.

The collection is available online and in stores currently and includes everything from lightly lined bras, boybriefs, and thongs ranging in price from $14.50 to $40. 

But wait, there more! Each piece is also tattooed with tiny little stars or inspiring messages like “let the real me shine.” Could it get any better? We think not. 

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