ROZES: On Rising to the Top and Staying Healthy Through it All

Here at ClassPass, we take our workout playlists seriously. We know the impact that a good pump-up jam can have on us, and that’s why we’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest artists to accompany us in our workouts

And ROZES is one of our favorite workout buddies. You might remember her from her chart-topping collaboration with The Chainsmokers, “Roses.” Or her latest feature on Cash Cash’s smash hit, “Matches.” Now, ROZES is stepping out on her own with her latest single “Canyons” — something that proves to be just as terrifying as it is rewarding.

When she’s not on the road (her 30-city tour with MAX kicks off next month!), ROZES is finding the balance between writing songs for future projects and relishing in the moment — all while mastering her yoga poses. We sat down with ROZES to get the rundown on her whirlwind rise to the top and what lies ahead. One thing’s for sure: she’s using her voice for good.

ClassPass: We obviously love all things fitness over here at ClassPass but what do you do to stay healthy, especially when you’re on the go?
ROZES: I do yoga everyday. I’m a fan of PiYo (aka pilates yoga). To me, maintaining good health is more than just exercise. It’s meditation, clearing your mind, going to therapy or whatever works best for you. Songwriting is honestly a huge part in keeping my health in check.

CP: We all have those days where we’re feeling sluggish or down. How do you motivate yourself?
R: What motivates me most is seeing where my friends are. For example, I’m friends with The Chainsmokers and I will always be chasing that target. I’m so determined to make this work that I’m willing to put in the work but it’s definitely encouraging to watch other people succeed.

CP: You’re about to hit the road with MAX. What’s your tour must-have?
R: My yoga mat is with me wherever I go. My drummer and I do yoga everyday and it’s become a part of my daily routine to help clear my mind and keep me focused on tour. It also helps with my anxiety and any homesickness that I might have.

CP: Speaking of self-care, how do you find “me time” on the road?
R: Honestly it’s hard to find. It helps that my band members are also my best friends so it feels like “me time” when I can just spend time with them. There’s also times where I’m alone in a hotel room and I can breathe or listen to music.

CP: Beyond your music, you are an advocate for mental health. Why do you think it’s important to talk about?
R: I think that it’s so sad that the stigma still exists and there are people who have ended their struggle because they felt that they had no one to turn to. Even the smallest anxiety is worth talking about. I hope to encourage people through my music to be emotionally free and start a conversation about their struggles.

CP: Something that so many people struggle with is the negativity on social media. How do you deal with other people’s negative opinions?
R: Well, I’m human and it bothers me. It’s so hard to not feed into it because as a human I want to fight back. But I try to remind myself that they have something within them that they need to cure. Just as much as they think I’m flawed, it makes them flawed to point it out. The only way to remain confident in my career is to believe that people will listen to my voice no matter what my face looks like.

CP: Speaking of music, what is it like being on your own?
R: It’s scary. When you have a collaboration as massive as The Chainsmokers, you still have to step back and realize that you still have your own platform to build. It’s been humbling. I’m chasing a moving target but I can’t wait to see where I go next.

CP: So what’s next for you?
R: Hopefully a Grammy … and then a world tour.

Want more? Check out ROZES’ new single “Girls on Boys” with Galantis.


Amanda Garrity is a commerce editor and content producer living in New York City. She finds every excuse to go on an adventure, whether it's in her own backyard or across the country. She enjoys hiking, pretending she's a prima ballerina and drinking an abundant amount of coffee. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.