7 of Our Favorite Healthy Finds at Whole Foods

In recent years, healthy grocer/supplements provider Whole Foods has amassed a near cult-like following among millennials. In places like New York City and Los Angeles, for example, toting one of the store’s signature brown-and-green bags is almost as on-trend as rocking a red one-piece at the pool this summer.

Of course, that good feeling we get when strolling through aisles and aisles of all-natural, gluten-free, farm-raised produce and packaged treats can also be overwhelming! Granted, if you go into a health food mecca like Whole Foods unprepared, you’re bound to leave with a little less (or a lot less) in your bank account than you’d probably hoped for. But it helps if you know where it makes sense to splurge. We’ve assembled some of the store’s top buys from a health and price perspective, no matter what you’re looking for.

Kite Hill Almond Milk Yogurt

As a digestive system-friendly alternative to regular milk, almond milk has been a health food staple (especially among millennials) for some time now. Kite Kill, who also manufacturers yummy almond cream cheese, is entering the yogurt market with flavors like plain, vanilla, peach, blueberry and key lime pie. Tip: Whole Foods is also an exclusive seller, so don’t expect to find these bad boys at your local Trader Joe’s.

Frontera’s The Perfect Tortilla Chip: Lime

Whether you’re heading into your local convenience store, grocery store or Whole Foods, grabbing a bag of chips is pretty much inevitable. Luckily, Whole Foods teamed up with the brand Frontera—which is Rick Bayless’s tortilla chip line—to create a line of lime-flavored organic, non-GMO heirloom corn chips from farms in Oaxaca, Mexico. Don’t be surprised if you find these sold out in the snack section from time to time.

Tanka Bars

Traditional beef jerky has never not been popular. The only problem is that it’s usually laced with a slew of spices, salt and preservatives—definitely not Whole Foods-friendly. So naturally, the store carries its own version: hormone-free Tanka bars, which are made with American buffalo meat and dried cranberries. Try the jalapeño flavor if you’re feeling extra daring.

Original Unsweetened Ripple Milk

Truth? Almond milk is an acquired taste. So if you haven’t jumped on the nut-milk bandwagon just yet, there’s always a yellow pea version you can try, which is also super high in protein: Original Unsweetened Ripple Milk. Although it’s creamy, its taste is fairly neutral—perfect for smoothies and to use in baking.

Ancient Organics Ghee

Used for thousands of years in Indian cooking, butter alternative ghee has yet to become a staple in the American kitchen. But it should. Ghee doesn’t contain lactose or casein (ideal for those who might have a lactose sensitivity), and typically the cows who produce it are grass-fed. It’s also particularly nutty and decadent, perfect for sautéing your favorite veggies.

Siggi’s Squeezable Yogurt Tubes in Strawberry or Blueberry

While plain, non-fat yogurt should be your go-to choice,, these babies are ridiculously low in sugar, making them the perfect late-night indulgence. Stick a few in your freezer for an extra dessert-like feel.

Preseasoned meat

Although the prices will vary depending on your location and the type of meat you’re getting, Whole Foods proteins are known to be top quality. And whether the meat is skewered with veggies, potatoes or another garnish, you’ll also be benefitting from the store chef’s creativity.


Julia Sullivan is a freelance writer and editor in New York City. When she's not picking heavy things up and setting them down again (more commonly known as weight lifting), trying to prepare healthy meals in her doll-sized Manhattan studio or writing about the latest fitness craze, she chronicles her zany adventures as a new New Yorker in her blog, Jules & the City. You can also follow her on Twitter.