Get Excited: These Items Will Be Discounted At Whole Foods Now

While there are rumors flying all over the place about Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, a pretty major press release gave us a bit of clarity. Yup, the deal is supposed to close today and it’s bringing on a pretty major change that will immediately impact your bank account. 

Get excited. 

Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer announced that they are really trying hard to see staples at lower price points. Some items will immediately be dropped in the process and some we will see decreasing over time. 

How are they making this happen? A lot has to do with their commitment to using local, natural, and organic farmers and products whenever possible and in the near future Amazon Prime members will also have access to special savings, with Prime set to become Whole Food’s rewards program.

Throughout the day today, Whole Foods will be announcing 14 items that will be less expensive in their markets, so stay tuned! 


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