The 5 Best Long-Sleeved Workout Tops for Fall

Despite the abundance of PSLs, apple-picking excursions and awesome, binge-worthy Netflix viewing, there is one small downside to dipping temperatures that frequent class-goers know all too well: covering up your cute workout crop-top collection over layers of coats, sweaters and scarves.

The good news? There are lots of adorable long-sleeved workout tops that have already started making their way to store shelves. These types of tops have come a long way in recent years, mostly due to sweat-wicking, insulating technology that helps to make them great for hot and cool weather.

From super-trendy cut-out versions to classic insulated kinds, here are our picks for fall’s best long-sleeved fitness tops.

When the weather can’t make up its mind

During fall, it often feels like the weather can’t make up its mind. Is it cold, or is it hot? And most importantly, what can I wear that won’t make me overheat mid-workout and freeze when I take a break?

Lululemon has the perfect response to that dilemma in the form of a quick-drying, torso-ventilated long-sleeve shirt that’s loose on the arms and made of mesh material. It’s also equipped with UV protection, so you can run in the direct sunlight without having to worry about damaging rays.

Buy it now: Quick Pace Long Sleeve, $88

When you’re looking for a steal

Although long-sleeved workout tops are undeniably adorable (and practical) for cold-weather workouts, they can be a bit pricier than typical athletic tanks. Stemming from its cult-favorite athletic collection, Old Navy offers an insanely cute cut-out long-sleeved shirt that’s great for showing off a colorful sports bra underneath. It’s also infused with Go-Dry technology, which helps to wick sweat away during especially tough workout sessions.

Buy it now: Go-Dry Ultra-Light Scoop-Back Tee for Women, $25

When crop-tops are life (even in winter)

I know we just said that the fall and winter months meant doing away with your beloved, trendy crop-top collection. Well, we weren’t telling the entire truth, especially when it comes to this super-cute, on-trend sweater that bares your mid-section. There’s also soft, touchable fleece underneath, so you’ll be cozy (even if your belly is getting a cool draft throughout the day). Pair with your favorite high-waisted leggings and don’t forget to hit up a trendy brunch location after class.

Buy it now: Extreme Crop Crew Neck Sweater, $68

When there’s an awesome brunch place next to the yoga studio

An extension of the Gap and Banana Republic brand, Athleta workout gear is (unsurprisingly) super high-quality and plush. Made to keep you comfy in an under-heated yoga studio, this top will move you seamlessly from class to shopping to brunch immediately afterward. The best part? The back has an adorable cut-out ideal for showing off your favorite sports bra.

Buy it now: Luxe Cut Out Pose Top, $79

When it’s frigid out, but you still need to get those miles in

Despite your best efforts to train for that upcoming race, there are some mornings you’ll wake up clinging to your comforter. It can’t really be in the single digits already, can it? Not surprisingly, sports behemoth Nike has a surprisingly lightweight sweater/long-sleeve shirt hybrid that will get you out of bed and pounding the pavement. It’s equipped with a high collar and the brand’s signature Dri-FIT Technology, so you’ll definitely be toasty—even when there are gale-force winds whipping you around.

Buy it now: Nike Therma, $95

Julia Sullivan is a freelance writer and editor in New York City. When she's not picking heavy things up and setting them down again (more commonly known as weight lifting), trying to prepare healthy meals in her doll-sized Manhattan studio or writing about the latest fitness craze, she chronicles her zany adventures as a new New Yorker in her blog, Jules & the City. You can also follow her on Twitter.