You Guys: ASOS Didn’t Photoshop Their Models’ Stretch Marks

We’ve all had that moment where we open up a magazine or see an advertisement and wished that the models looked like us. We all have “flaws” or things that we see as imperfections and the fact that magazines are always trying to photoshop things like stretch marks and cellulite out just reinforces those feelings. Well, ASOS is setting a trend with their anti-photoshop ad and we’re giving them a big gold trophy. 

ASOS is the latest retailer to lay off the re-touching with their models and didn’t edit out their stretch marks. And you know what?  The Internet is freaking out.

Most people saying things like, “unlimited life points go to ASOS for not photoshopping the stretch marks on this model’s bottom. Thank you for realistic female bodies,” one user tweeted.

We’re hoping that this is a new trend for the budget-friendly retailer because they have been called out before for their lack of body inclusivity and even labeling a size six as a large.  

It’s a small step for online shoppers, but a big step towards breaking through the photoshop barriers that need so much to be dismantled. 

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