6 Fitness Fashion Trends that Are Confusing AF

There’s something to be said about a plain old workout outfit—something reliable that you’ve had in your rotation for years, that fits well, lets your body breathe and stays out of the way so you can perform your best in a workout.

But those days of plain workout clothing appear to be all but over. The rise of the athleisure trend has no end in sight, with celebrities, brands and influencers taking every opportunity they can to push the next new thing.

Don’t get us wrong—slipping into a well-made, nice-looking workout outfit does wonders for our motivation and overall feeling about going to workout in the first place. But there has to be a way to wear something trendy and still feel good about the way we look, right?

As a disclaimer, this is a totally judgment-free zone. You should feel totally empowered to wear whatever you feel good in at the gym. But we cannot sit idly by while these fitness trends get so far ahead of themselves.

There are at least six, listed below, that make so little sense, we can’t even get behind them.  

Running rompers

At this point, rompers for men have taken the top spot for most bizarre one-piece clothing item. But running rompers, or “runsies” as they are affectionately called by some, are just plain ridiculous. When did it become too difficult to put on two pieces of clothing to go for a run? You do not need to run around in a romper. You need to run around in anti-chafe shorts and a breathable tank top. Period.

High-waisted spandex

OK, you’ve seen what we’re talking about here. You can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing at least five “influencers” rocking some form of matching sports bra and high-waisted pant. Yes, they look great and yes, matching is having a moment, but in reality, these seem pretty uncomfortable. Seriously, our spandex rides up enough on its own without being pulled all the way up purposely, thank-you-very-much.

Criss-cross tops and bras

Lace-up tops and complicated criss-cross bras might look cool, but they are difficult to get on, and they’re a pain in the butt once you have them on. They get tangled, they get stuck on our bras, they end up being more headache than they are worth just to look “cool” in a workout class. And isn’t the point to get hot, not cool, anyway?  

Skorts worn for anything other than tennis

Skorts, which barely make sense to us in a tennis setting, are really “in” right now. And yet, we still think they have no place in a fitness situation that’s not a tennis court. Why would someone willingly put on a skort when they don’t have to put on a skort? It. Makes. No. Sense. Sorry, human treasure Serena Williams.

Excessively expensive workout gear

This one is not necessarily a fashion trend per se, but a fitness trend nonetheless. With the rise of high-end athletic gear and designer athleisure collections, it seems like the most fashionable workout clothing is also the most expensive. Boutique athleisure brands make clothing that is excellent quality, but the truth remains: You do not need to spend a lot of money to look good at the gym, nor do you need a lot of money to get in a good workout.

Anything see-through

Hannah Horvath danced up a sweat in a mesh tank top with nothing underneath on Girls like a true champion —and yet we still don’t think a see-through mesh top makes a ton of sense, fitness wise. It has nothing to do with showing off your body—in fact we’d encourage anyone to flaunt the figure they have—but like Horvath before us, we tend to think see-through clothing belongs more in a nightclub than in a fitness class.

Of course, like we said before, to each their own. And our own is just sticking to regular old shorts and a tank top for now.

Ali Selinger is a vintage shopping enthusiast living in Brooklyn. She is equal parts obsessed with ClassPass, her cat and iced coffee.