5 ClassPassers Share Their Proudest Workout Moment

Let’s all take a second here. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and try to draw the best memory you have working out, ever. Even if it means thinking past those out-of-breath moments, the next-morning muscle soreness and those times you didn’t think you could keep going.

But you did.

We all have those moments when we think to ourselves, Wow, I actually DID it! That incomparable feeling of pride where you know you accomplished something big, and it sure as hell wasn’t easy. Whether it was mastering your first headstand in yoga or getting to the number torque you never thought you could pedal past, pushing ourselves in class gives us so many opportunities to make ourselves proud. But how do you even get to that moment, especially when it feels like you’re just never going to make it?

We talked to five ClassPassers who know that experience well and were brave enough to share it with us. Whether they achieved something they never thought they could or tried something they never even dreamed of doing, they all remember that moment when they felt their proudest in class. Have you ever had a moment like this? Well, maybe these stories will inspire you to create yours next.

Braving class alone

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“I never played team sports in high school, and for the first time, I felt like an athlete after joining ClassPass. I got addicted to the coaching I received from the amazing trainers I got to meet. I wouldn’t have ever met them had it not been for ClassPass. My proudest moment would definitely be the day I walked into a class by myself without any friends. At that point, I knew I had developed the strength and confidence that I have always strived for. ClassPass changed my relationship with fitness. What used to feel like an obligation now is the highlight of my day.” – @thegrindbeforewine

Beating my high score 

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My proudest moment in class has been getting a high score at spin class. I usually go to Peloton and average about 200 output on the scoreboard and I was determined to increase my score and when I finally reached my highest score, which was 324, I felt so proud and accomplished. I would tell myself everyday I was strong, and while in class ,when I felt like giving up or felt tired, I would tell myself to keep going and push myself a little harder.

“My only advice is to try everything once and don’t be afraid. Thanks to ClassPass, I’ve tried so many types of workouts and found the best workouts in the city. Now I have my favorite places that I go to on the regular and I get to work out with so many amazing instructors.” – @johanny51 

Getting through a challenging workout 

“I always feel so accomplished after a boxing class because cardio and endurance are not my best assets. Being able to power through circuits between the bag and the floor, then ending with a plank hold when your body is exhausted is such a great feeling and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. When it comes down to it, just do it! There are so many days I wake up too tired or uncertain that I’ll have enough time to commute to class. I force myself to hit the door and go because I know that I’ll feel 100% better after. I always tell myself and others that even if it isn’t your best workout, it’s still progress and that’s what counts! It’s all about mind over matter.” – @sarahjukusf

Trying something new 

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My proudest moment in class was probably just surviving my first Bikram yoga class. It’s intense for sure! I continued to go to different hot yoga studios in Los Angeles. Using ClassPass, I have tried Bikram yoga in DTLA, Modo yoga and Y7. All are great studios and they continue to challenge me every class. ClassPass has definitely been life changing for me. I feel that if people want to get more fit or start a fitness regimen, they should use ClassPass and try a variety of different classes.” – @larends130

Hitting my goals 

“I have many mini proud moments in class. I love setting mini goals for myself in each class—usually I love hitting a metric goal especially because it is tangible. I was always afraid to try Tone House because of how intimidating it seemed, but once I tried it I became hooked. The class is extremely difficult, but having everyone cheer you on while you’re struggling on the turf was extremely motivating and encouraging. One of my proudest moments was finally nailing the infamous gallop. A couple of my other proudest moments: hitting over 300 on the torque board at Flywheel and logging six miles at The Distance class at Mile High Run Club. I think it’s all about having the right mentality before class. Our bodies are capable of so many things, but it’s our mindset that can really hold us back. Advice: Always be open to try something new, because you never know what you are truly capable of.” – @gracerunsnyc

Stephanie Limiti is a born and raised New Yorker living out her dreams of palm trees and sunshine in Los Angeles. When she's not zenned out in yoga class, she's reading biographies and volunteering at dog rescue shelter. Follow her on Instagram.