Nike Launches a Sports Bra That’s Like Nothing We’ve Seen Before

You guys: Nike just launched a sports bra that’s about to change the way you workout. Yes, it’s made of materials they’ve never used in a sports bra before and we’re over here trying to imagine our lives without this technology. 

Nike, we love you. 

For every woman whose ever been desperate for a bra that offers more support and breathability, this is it. It’s called the Nike FE/NOM Flyknit and sounds like perfection to us. 

So what’s the mystery material? It’s made of a high-performance, woven material that’s only been used for its sneakers, until now.

“[It’s] the key piece to a woman being able to work out without distraction,” says Nicole Rendone, senior bra innovation designer at Nike Women’s Training. “Looking at our Flyknit technology, it seemed perfect for bras. It molds and shapes, and you can offer support and breathability wherever you want.”

The yarn used has been tested for over 600 hours until they got it right “you get a custom fit and feel, based on the knit structure,” Rendone says.

Good-bye uniboob.

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