Ashley Graham Shares a Bikini Hack That Will Save Your Back On The Beach

Ashley Graham has done it again and this time she’s not only giving you a boost of confidence in your bikini, but saving you some serious back aches while hanging out at the beach this summer. 

If you are well endowed, then you know all too well that while wearing halter string bikini top looks great, it doesn’t offer much support. So instead of toughing it out and spending the next day in some serious pain, our favorite body positive role model and Sports Illustrated cover girl has an idea that just might change everything for you.

The hack was posted in an Instagram story by fellow body-positivity activist and author Allison Kimmey who was hanging out with Graham on the beach, outlining how she ties together the strings of a halter string bikini top to form a crisscross shape instead leaving the straps just hang. 


She captioned the picture with “Get the pressure off your neck? Try this!” I’m pretty certain we all most definitely will. 

Um, talk about life changing!

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