Runner Alysia Montano Completed 800-Meter Race While 5 Months Pregnant

Women are strong and powerful and doing amazing things every single day that make our jaws drop – but this story takes the cake this week. Runner Alysia Montaño just ran an 800-meter race while 5 months pregnant at the USA Track & Field Outdoor Championships. 

Wow, just wow. 

Montaño, who ran the race while wearing a Wonder Woman crop top (heck yes!) is a six-time national champion in the 800-meter race. The 31-year old real life super hero placed last, but was stilled excited about her performance and so are we.

She told the Team USA newsletter, “I came here last time at eight months pregnant in 2014, and it was such an amazing experience. I wanted Wonder Woman to represent me. When I found out [Gal Gadot, aka Wonder Woman] filmed [some of] the movie five months pregnant, I said, ‘I for sure am signing up for USA nationals.’”


While she shared that she knew she probably wouldn’t win, she wanted to open the door for more conversations about pregnant women being perfectly capable to workout and be physical – without harming themselves or their pregnancy. 

You go, girl!

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