ClassPass Book of the Week: A Summer Read You Can Relate To

This is the first book by Julie Buxbaum I have ever read and now all I want to do is read more. The story of Kit and David’s unlikely friendship is so beautiful and relatable that I read the whole book in 3 days. Even though this is children’s lit, adults would truly enjoy this book.

What To Say Next

Author: Julie Buxbaum
Genre: Young Adult
GoodReads Rating: 4.27
My Rating: 4.5

Who Would Love This Book:

People who need to be reminded what high school is really like.

Synopsis in 140 characters or less:

After Kit’s dad dies she seeks refuge from the craziness of high school by sitting with socially isolated David at lunch.

Why You Should Read It:

Kit just lost her father in a terrible car accident. She’s having trouble adjusting to her new life without her dad and finds it hard to step into her old life as if nothing has changed. Enter, David! David is an incredibly gifted and smart individual but he struggles when it comes to social interactions. The things people take for granted, such as understanding sarcasm or social cues, he doesn’t understand at all. To survive high school, David has chosen to isolate himself from his peers rather than be viewed as a freak.

Kit decides, innocently enough, to sit with David at lunch instead of her normal friend group. She looking for a place away from where she can sit and not be bothered, stared at, or felt sorry for. While she may have been looking for some quiet, what she found was something else entirely. It turns out a friendship with David was exactly what she needed at this moment in her life.

It’s been awhile since I was in high school but nonetheless, I found this book incredibly relatable. Kit and David may be young but their emotions are real… well as real as fiction can be. No matter what your age, I recommend picking up a copy of this book.

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