5 Celebrities We Can Relate To While They’re Working Out

You know all those stunning and talented people who walk the red carpet? The critically acclaimed actors who have ‘perfect’ hair and bodies that match their talents? It’s hard to imagine them getting down and dirty working up a sweat, but if anything is true, it’s that hard work and dedication are the only ways to achieve your health goals. So, just like us, they slip on a pair of leggings, sports bra and favorite pair of kicks to hit class so that they can look and feel their best.

Jessica Alba

This active babe has always been an advocate for health and wellness since she was young, and her love of cooking and fitness is evident based on how she lives her life. Healthy foods, all-natural products and spin selfies flood her Instagram feed. Just like many of us, we were not all blessed with perfect genes and have to dedicate ourselves to getting the results we want. Hitting up a spin class sheds body fat and helps build a healthy heart. Next time you’re swaying back and forth on your bike and wiping the sweat off your face, just think, Wow, I bet Jessica Alba swayed to this same song!

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Karlie Kloss

There are no classes this long-legged model will shy away from, and she is never afraid to goof around (even though she takes her fitness regime very seriously). Although, she loves a solid sweaty, intense workout, Kloss also loves to get her flow on at yoga. Not only does this babe crush the modeling industry, she also studies coding at her university, so her workouts give her the space to find a break between all the madness of her career, school and personal life. Balancing everything and still staying driven and positive is a struggle that we can all relate to. Your work bag may be packed to the brim with a change of clothes for the gym, another change of clothes for that date you have later and your iPad so you can hopefully work on the assignment you have due for the online classes you’re taking! However, even with all the goal crushing you’ve got going on, take the space to goof around in yoga with your buddies and create a new pose that inspires you just like Karlie Kloss!

introducing the German pretzel yoga pose 🇩🇪🕉

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Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is one of the most active celebrities out there. Her love of fitness is clear, especially after recently dropping her new athleticwear collaboration with Fabletics. Her favorite way to sweat is clearly boxing, which a great exercise to build strength, endurance and, of course, confidence! What’s wrong with being confident? Absolutely nothing! We are loving that boxing brings this out for Lovato, and if you’re feeling more confident after boxing, know that you’re not alone in that. We love that Lovato put her tunes on as she boxes here to really get in the zone. Your sweat sesh should be very much for you. However you need to get in the zone to give yourself the workout you need, you should do it exactly that—just like Demi Lovato!

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Chelsea Handler

Sometimes you try new things, feel out of place and look ridiculous, but you still do it because you have guts. We have all felt exactly the same way Chelsea Handler did while attempting cricket. Trying a new workout, sport or class is always seems intimidating because you aren’t the master of it just yet. However, the only way to become better is by trying it out that first time and take the risk of looking a little off or silly, but eventually, you’ll know the routines of the class before the instructor even gets to it. The fact that you signed up, show up and went for it means that you are a badass babe, just like Chelsea Handler.

It’s cricket time. #newdelhi season 2 @chelseashow

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Alicia Keys

We’ve all been there—when we finally nail the routine, and totally crush a workout that even the instructor walks away wildly impressed. Out of nowhere, we just became ninjas at our sweat of choice and all the hard work we’ve put into our workout finally has paid off. Alicia Keys clearly crushed her sparring workout with her instructor and even does a mini victory dance to celebrate her success. We all deserve to feel this way after hard work and dedication to a practice or exercise!

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Ali Lizzi is a New York City based freelance fitness, health and beauty writer and an active member of the fitness community. She’s always up for discovering a new fitness studio to sweat in, flying to another city to travel to and eating any kind of vegan bites that she can get her hands on. Follow her journey on Instagram!