Fit 5: Your Guide to Hybrid Classes

The hybrid fitness craze has been in full swing this year, and if you haven’t tried one of these power-packed types of classes, you’re missing out on a whole new level of boosting your level of fitness! This week, let’s break down some of the most popular types of hybrid classes out there. Use the below list as your guide to finding your newest fitness obsession, or fusing a few of your go-to workout favorites together all in one class:

Pilates And…

These classes will take up your traditional Pilates class up a notch by adding cardio, heat, yoga and other workouts you would have never paired with The Hundredth. 

Classes to Try:
IM = X Hybrid at IMX Pilates – New York
This class combines the signature and very popular IM=X Pilates Floor workout with the Xercizer for developing core strength, muscle tone and increased flexibility.

IM = X Hybrid at IM = X Pilates – Charlotte
You might enjoy floor programs; while others proclaim the results from the Xercizer. We know that the IM=X Floor and Xercizer programs challenge the body in different ways, so this class put them together to give you the best of both.

TONE at Btone Fitness – Boston
You will use a Megaformer machine to tone and define your muscles in this 45-minute class. Each exercise targets your total body to you a shortcut to fitness.

Focus Fit at The Body Center – Boston
This high-energy interval class features cardio segments bouncing on the Urban Rebounder and bodyweight/core segments for a metabolism-boosting workout that will also increase your balance skills. Used by astronauts to regain strength and bone mass after space trips, the rebounder works the body at a cellular level for a complete full body workout. 

Yoga-Lates at Hot Pilates – Los Angeles
This Yoga-Pilates fusion class focuses on mindful movement with a pilates influence. You will engage your core, mind and spirit as you synch your breath to vinyasa flows, and become more present in your body.

Cardiolates at LSF Pilates – Philadelphia 
This class is 45 minutes of rebounding with intermittent sculpting segments. Get ready to sweat. 

Spin and…

Half your class is on the SPX/TRX/other strength training equipment, and the other is on the bike! Get your strength training in as well as a killer cardio session on the bike, and leave sweaty and energized, burning twice as many calories as you would in a regular strength or spin class.

Classes to Try:
BodyROK – Marina – San Francisco
This class is for cycle enthusiasts of any level who want to add an extra kick to their workout! This 50-minute class includes 25 minutes of cycling and 25 minutes of SPX.

Barry’s Bootcamp – Chelsea – New York
The next evolution of high-intensity interval training, this class seamlessly integrates a full body TRX strength training workout with a real-ride indoor cycling class.

Yoga and…

You like your Vinyasa flow, but what if you added cardio? Or ballet? Or kickboxing? These hybrids take namaste up a notch:

Yoga Booty Ballet at Swerve – Los Angeles 
Work your body, engage your mind and lighten your spirit as you practice this East meets West amalgam of meditation, cardiovascular dance, ballet, Kundalini and hatha yoga. The meditation element serves to focus busy minds as well as awaken dull ones. 

ClubBell Yoga at Drive 495 – New York
Clubbell Yoga is a new branch of yoga that adds weights to regular practice while preserving yoga’s more traditional integrity. The addition of the clubbell helps to engage and strengthen your shoulders properly, while forcing better alignment throughout the body.

Barre Fuzed at The Body Barre – Denver
Barre Fuzed combines elements of barre, dance and yoga. Exercises are high intensity and low impact, choreographed to fun and motivating music, and emphasize toning the legs and butt, as well as strengthening the core.

Dance And…

Sweat, shake, strike a pose and then do something completely different. The mix of intense cardio with strength, yoga or Pilates will burn cals, all while working on your triceps. 

Classes to Try:
Ballerina Fight Club at MaZi Dance – Chicago
This class is a mix of toning, cardio and interval training that use strength moves and cardio from tough boxing combinations.  Get it all done in either 45 or 60-minute formats, gain agility and leave feeling centered and powerful! 

Zumba Toning & Abs at Fitmix– Houston
Dancing while strengthening? Yes, please! Expect Zumba rhythms with light weights for toning our muscles plus some abs for core strength.

Bonunz Fit at Studio Dance Art Fit – San Francisco
Bounz Fit is performed on individual trampolines with choreographed movements. You can expect a total body immersion that elevates the mind, body and spirit. This class is a fun way to boost energy, strengthen and tone.

Strength And…

Do more in one class than you’d do over the course of a week! Coupling resistance training to failure with high-intensity intervals breeds quick results in your fitness level as well as visible physical changes to your body. The ever-changing class lineup for these studios ensures you won’t plateau.

Fusion Mix at Fusion Fitness – Kansas City
Anything goes! If you like surprises, this class is for you! Cardio, fusion, barre intensity, and a touch of bootcamp are combined into this power hour. Fusion Mix will keep your muscles guessing and your heart rate up for a sweat wrenching, sculpting session.

Tri-Box Combo Level 1 at Studio U – Los Angeles
This class gives you a fast paced full body workout on the TRX followed by a 30 minute boxing circuit designed to elevate your heart rate as well as push your muscles and mind. Get ready to sweat!

Surf & Turf at Dragonfly Fitness & Training – St. Louis
Share a board with a partner and combine Surfset with floor exercises such as medicine ball twists, planks, TRX rows and more for a total body interval workout!