Watch These CrossFit Guys Hilariously Try to Keep Up With A Ballerina

Men who go to Crossfit classes on the reg are known for being super buff and strong, it pretty much comes with the territory. But as we all know: no workout should be treated equally. These muscular Crossfit guys learned that the hard way as they tried to keep up with this professionally trained ballerina. 

Spoiler alert: they failed. 

SELF invited some Crossfit athletes to take a class lead by Isabella Boylston, the youngest principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre. Well, just watch and see what happens for yourself, but we guarantee that it will give a good laugh. 


Perhaps these guys should work some dance classes into their regular routine?

And as for our new favorite ballerina, Isabella Boylston, she’s an active member of the dance company and eats pasta every single day (gasp), especially before performances. Her love for pasta is so intense that Quality Italian restaurant named a dish after her called “ballerina pasta” and proceeds benefit National Endowment for the Arts. Amazing!

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