Is Alien Yoga Actually Safe?

There’s a pretty disturbing trend in the yoga world that’s making it’s mark over on Instagram: Alien Yoga. We totally get that yoga can sometimes feel intimidating to people who don’t practice, but we think that this takes the cake for the oddest thing we’ve seen yet.

What is Alien Yoga? Okay, prepare to gasp a little here. Alien Yoga is known formally as Nauli, and is the act of squeezing in your stomach until it looks like something from another planet. The theory is that these abdominal movements actually cleanse your digestive system while strengthening your core at the same time.

Even though you might think it looks cool, these weird moves have left us wondering about the safety elements. Just like any type of yoga, it’s best to be practiced with a trained instructor. Allaya Cooks-Campbell, RYT 200 says that, “I don’t teach this in class because I work with a lot of beginners, but I doubt there’s any real risk of injury unless you have serious gastro-intestinal issues.”

You be the judge if this is the right practice for you, but either way it’s a totally out of this world way to get those beach abs ready.

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