So, Now There’s An Aerial Yoga… Mat

We’re always looking for new ways to up our yoga game, but this hammock that doubles as a levitating yoga mat takes things to a whole new level of difficulty. In fact, this pretty much changes everything that we ever thought our yoga practice could be.

This revolutionary Aerial mat is currently available from Levitat through their Kickstarter campaign, and is essentially a hybrid mat that can be set up in any wooded area or indoors (it comes with special poles) so that you can perfect your tree pose a few feet off the ground. But, it can be used for more than just yoga, too. Yup, the brand boasts that it can also be incorporated into your cross-training and meditation routines as well.

How does it change your practice exactly? The company shares that it benefits your balance, focus, concentration and blood circulation. Hmmm pretty interesting.

This nifty mat can be yours for only $240 so that you can practice anywhere you go. Or, take advantage of our favorite pose: lying in a hammock. That counts as savasana, right?

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