Get Excited: Starbucks is Testing Coffee Ice

If you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur and enjoy a cold brew on a hot day, most likely you’ve opted for an iced coffee made complete with some coffee ice to keep it chilled with zero chances of watering down. Our favorite coffee chain is now taking their iced coffee game to a fancy level by testing out coffee ice to make sure you get nothing less than the caffeine fix you aim for on the upcoming summer days. 

What is coffee ice? It’s simply frozen coffee chips that can be added to any drink (not just iced coffee) to make sure that the drink doesn’t get diluted when the ice melts. Genius, huh?

“Customers can add ice that’s been made using Starbucks coffee to any iced espresso or brewed beverage for 80 cents,” a Starbucks representative told Cosmopolitan magazine.

It’s currently being tested at over 100 different locations in Baltimore, MD, and St. Louis, MO and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it rolls out nationwide because we love grabbing an iced coffee on our way home from class. 

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