5 Effortless Way to Keep Your Hair in Place in Class

Baby hairs got you down? We absolutely understand. When we are working up a sweat in our favorite classes, nothing gets in our way like stray hairs flying in front of our faces. No matter your hair type, hair never is the easiest thing to maintain while working out. In desperate need of some tips and tricks, we went searching for some of the best hair styles that will keep our hair back and out of our eyes. However, not everyone’s hair holds in the same way, so we took some inspiration from some of our favorite celeb’s with the loveliest locks with all different lengths and textures to get inspired by how they keep it all back and in place.

Get your bobby pins and hair ties ready, because we’re about to get inspired to recreate the hairstyles from some of our favorite celebs and transform them into workout ready looks that will get you prepped and amped up to get your body moving (but your hair staying put!)

Thick hair ponytail

Gave @chrissyteigen a major pony moment today for the @meredithshow. Tons of @kenraprofessional Dry Texture Spray and plenty of @love_kevin_murphy Session Spray kept it high and full all day. 🙆🏽🙆🏼 #secretsofapony #t3micro #kevinmurphy #btcpics #maneaddicts #modernsalon

865 Likes, 18 Comments – David Lopez (@davidlopezhair) on Instagram: “Gave @chrissyteigen a major pony moment today for the @meredithshow. Tons of @kenraprofessional Dry…”

It you have thick hair, you know the struggles of getting it all back and staying in place while you’re at spin class working up a sweat. No worries. Just turn to celebrity hair stylist David Lopez to hook you up with the most diva-worthy ponytail that will keep your hair in place and ready to get your heart pumping. However, you can totally plan a brunch with your girlfriends post-workout with this look!

The key to getting your thick hair all the way back is to spray a bit of dry shampoo and then use your hair dryer with the concentrator attachment to blow your hair into the direction of your ponytail. By doing so, it will create a longer lasting look that will be far more effective than using the entire back of bobby pins. Pull your hair back in line with your jaw bone and secure with two thick hair ties.

Long hair fishtail braid



Who better to use as our braid inspo than the queen of slaying slicked-back hair Blake Lively? Fishtail braids are easiest to achieve when you have a ponytail base to begin your weave. Lively opted for that high pony, which is ideal for any sweaty workout endeavor.

After your hair is secured into the ponytail, separate hair into two sections and take a half inch chunk of your hair from the left section and weave it underneath the right section. Repeat this step by taking that same piece of hair and weaving it over the right and under the left. Repeat by adding a bit of hair each time and continue to repeat until you have reached the bottom of the ponytail. Secure the braid with another hair tie. Spray product throughout hair and directly onto flyways. Pull apart the braid to give a more bohemian feel, or leave as is for that true slick back look that is so desirable when you’re getting sweaty. Braids will also help shorten the length a bit for long hair, so there is less to fling around during a high-intensity workout.

Short hair top knot



Top knot addict Kendall Jenner is always the perfect hair inspo for those girls rocking those ever-so-trendy lobs that so many of our favorite celebs have been doing lately. Even though short hair seems to be easier to maintain, you have to adjust the way your secure your hair, as it is falls out of a pony much easier. That’s why we opted for a top knot that will secure your hair tightly and rarely will fall out of place. Flipping your hair upside down and pulling it into a very high ponytail with the web of your hand (the space between your thumb and index finger) is the most effective way to pull your hair into a bun that is taut and not going anywhere—even when your flowing through your vinyasa. Secure your bun with a few bobby pins by making two into an “X” around the hair tie that is securing your bun. Add a little hairspray, grab your yoga mat and jet to class!

Curly hair headbands



Evan Rachel Wood is schooling us in how to keep hair back without the all that fuss and muss. Curly hair is gorgeous and bouncy and the envy of all the hair types. However, those flyways are next level. Keep your ringlets back and secure with a nice, tight hairband and pull your hair back into a low bun, ponytail or braid. Add a little fun to your style with a print or intricately designed headband. Spray your hair once the look is perfected with hair spray and get ready sway back and forth on your bike at spin class!

Relaxed hair



Braided halos are wonderful for relaxed/textured hair, just like the gorgeous Jourdan Dunn! The stunner always keeps her locks looking gorgeous, and it’s key to braid up your hair to avoid getting it too sweaty, as you may want to avoid washing it after every workout. Feel free to flow and move around in this look—it is going to keep your hair in place no matter how hard you work your body! Secure this look bobby pins, and a mouse or hairspray will help with flyways.

No excuses now to get up and out to hit that next class!

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