4 Differences Between Working Out in LA and NYC

When I first decided to move from New York to LA six months ago, I knew a lot of things in my life would change. I’d have to make new friends, buy a whole new wardrobe (to deal with the awful, terrible LA weather, of course) and pay for gas instead of reloading my Metro card. But what I didn’t expect to change was the one thing that definitely did: my workout routine.

As much as I love both New York and LA, there are definitely perks and downfalls of working out in each city. Here are the top differences I discovered from taking classes in both:

In LA, you’ll work out outside more

This may come as a surprise, but LA has really nice weather. As in, if-I-Snapchat-another-picture-of-a-palm-tree-using-the-temperature-filter-one-more-time-I-may-lose-all-my-friends-on-social-media kind of weather. So it’s only natural that the La-La-Landers will use this to their advantage and spend most of their time outdoors.

From the hundreds of hiking trails to Muscle Beach, there are countless ways to get your workout on in the great outdoors. And while you’ll definitely be getting sweaty, most Californians aren’t too concerned. The lack of humidity in the air makes it much more bearable than a hot NYC summer, and besides, there’s always the Pacific to cool off in virtually any time of the year.

But New Yorkers exercise more, naturally

You would think with all the pizza, bagels and unlimited mimosa brunches on every street corner in the Big Apple, it’d be difficult to stay in shape. But in reality, I found myself packing in more cardio just by walking in Manhattan than anywhere else. The one thing you learn once you leave New York is that maxing out your steps on your FitBit is much more difficult when you don’t need to sprint to catch the subway or outpace the tourists in Times Square every day.

In fact, not only is it super difficult to get anywhere by foot in Los Angeles, the people here think that it’s strange that New Yorkers would want to walk anywhere. I guess when you have a clean, air conditioned car that doesn’t requiring holding onto a pole for dear life, you don’t really see the benefits of walking around as much.

While I’d much rather be stuck in traffic in my car than stuck underground on the subway, I do miss my post-class cool-down while strolling home. New York, you take the gold for this one.

New Yorkers will travel anywhere for their workout

One of the best things about New York City is the ability to go anywhere, do anything, at any time (pending the MTA’s ever-changing subway schedule, that is). The accessibility to all different parts of the city and their many workout classes was even more reason to branch out and explore, no matter if I was uptown, downtown or anywhere in between. With no traffic and no freeways to worry about, I’d hit up new studio locations and their next-door coffee shops on the daily.

New Yorkers not only aren’t afraid to branch out of their borough, they actually embrace it. Just getting the chance to travel to a new part of the city was one of my favorite parts of checking out a new class, and it didn’t hurt my subway navigation skills, either.

LA prefers to stick to their neighborhood

Don’t worry LA – we know you love to explore classes, too. But while LA exercisers like to explore different workouts, they don’t exactly love exercising outside their go-to spots. That’s because in LA, there’s this teensy little thing called traffic that basically inhibits you from traveling anywhere quickly, ever. So if you’re living in WeHo, there’s no way you’re traveling all the way to the Valley for that yoga class. Those of us in Los Angeles prefer to choose classes and studios based on two things: where we sleep and where we work. Good thing there are plenty to choose from, right?

Stephanie Limiti is a born and raised New Yorker living out her dreams of palm trees and sunshine in Los Angeles. When she's not zenned out in yoga class, she's reading biographies and volunteering at dog rescue shelter. Follow her on Instagram.