5 Apps to Organize Your Fitness Goals, Work Deadlines and More

Being an adult is hard.

On any given day, you’re juggling work responsibilities, chores, doctor’s appointments, fitness classes, plans with friends—you name it. And if you’re a type-A personality who feels the need to have a deeper level of control over all these things, keeping tabs on your to-dos can feel like a momentous task.

Luckily, there’s an app for that. Several, actually, depending on what area of your life you’re looking to manage more efficiently. From making sure you’re not overdrawn to monitoring your health and even making room for everything in your schedule, here are the best apps to help manage your OCD self.

For staying on track at work

Regardless of your job, your day-to-day tasks can likely benefit from some streamlining. To keep track of where everything is, project manager Casey Tong recommends using OneNote as a resource. “If you haven’t tried OneNote from Microsoft, I highly recommend it,” she says. “When I utilize this software, I’m able to document everything relating to all of my projects, including typed notes, audio recordings, pictures and much more. I like it because when I save my notes, everything is synced to all of my devices and I can easily share everything with all of my teammates. There are a variety of formats included as well, so you can make checklists, conduct research, attend meetings, and record lectures while taking notes.

“Another great feature is that it’s built for collaboration,” she adds. “Multiple users can be connected to the same notebook to either view the information that’s stored there, or make edits. Everything that gets edited is highlighted so everyone involved can easily see the recent changes. It’s really proven to be useful in my day to day business interactions and has greatly improved my productivity.”

For getting chores done

Read through any roundup of success secrets from extremely busy folks, and there’s guaranteed to be a one about knowing what your time is worth and outsourcing the less important to-dos on your plate. Whether you’re in need of a quick repair, cleaning services or even someone to pick up your laundry, the TaskRabbit app matches you with “Taskers” in your area to get the job done. All Taskers have been pre-vetted to ensure that they’re reliable. “I use TaskRabbit to help me stay organized,” says Kimberly Fowler, founder and CEO of YAS Fitness Centers. “I have hired them to organize my home closet numerous times, file stacks of paper and redo my home files, and had someone organize my garage.”

For scheduling plans

Whether you have a large group of friends you’re trying to corral for a brunch or can’t seem to find a time for you and your co-workers to work on that presentation, the Doodle app allows you to streamline the process by suggesting dates and times for those involved. “My friends and I are so busy all the time,” says Katherine Fritz, an art director in San Francisco. “After an email chain that had about 60 responses on it, I finally Googled around for an app and found Doodle. It lets you send out a link to the people you want to invite with a bunch of dates and times, and the people who get the link check off which ones they can make it to. When it’s complete, you can see the whole thing laid out for you and pick the date that works best for most people. It has been a lifesaver during wedding season!”

For managing your money

It’s not that it’s hard to remember to pay your bills. It’s just that with so many different due dates, keeping track of what’s due when can start to get fuzzy. Also, there’s that whole art of balancing a budget that’s tough to master. Mint not only gets those bills paid for you on time, it also lets you see where you’re spending the most money per month, and can even have alerts sent to you if you want to plug in a certain goal for each type of spend—from food and dining to entertainment and even clothes. “I like using Mint because I can see everything all in one place,” says Jessica Stein, a sales rep in Colorado. “I don’t have to toggle between my credit card statements and my checking account to see whether or not I’m on track for the month. It’s all right there in front of me.”

For tracking your fitness goals

In an ideal scenario, you’d be making it to class every week. But for those weeks where you can’t squeeze in a workout, Brianna Steinhilber, an editor in New York, says that using the FitBit app helps her to keep things balanced. “I am not someone who obsessively checks my FitBit, although I’ve been known to get in a few intense challenges,” she says. “The reason I love using it every day is that it’s a great reminder of how much movement you can get in throughout the day, beyond your trip to the gym. So if I skip a workout for some reason, I make sure to take a few extra walks around the office or take the long way home, and make sure I hit at least 10,000 steps, but ideally 15,000. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to do this, but I know it does wonders in terms of weight maintenance and also gets me up out of my desk chair throughout the day. The other reason I love it is for the social aspect: my mom, best friends and even grandma are on the app. It’s a fun way to stay connected and motivate each other to keep working towards fitness goals. Currently, we’re working on our bikini bods for a trip to Miami this summer.”

Danielle Page is the founder of ThisisQuarterlife.com, a blog that provides necessary information for navigating the awkward phase of adulthood known as “quarterlife.” Danielle’s work has been featured on Cosmo, Woman’s Day, Your Tango, Bustle, The New York Times, Thought Catalog, Elite Daily and the Huffington Post.