Awesome: This Device Tests Your Food For Gluten

If you’re one of the three million people in the United States who suffers from a gluten allergy or intolerance, listen up. This new device allows you to really check if your food has any gluten in it or if it’s been cross contaminated.

Yes, it’s peace of mind in your pocket. 

The Nima Sensor is a pocket-sized device you can take with you wherever you go to test the food you’re about to eat. Simply add a sample into the device of whatever it is you want to test and it will scan the food to let you know if there’s any gluten inside within two minutes.  It will let you know by giving the food one of there ratings: low gluten, high gluten or definitely gluten.

Afterwards you can upload your results to their app so that you can keep track and also find places in your area that serve gluten-free foods. 


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