Experts Dish On How to Stop Being Late All the Time

Are you always texting your friends that you’re five minutes away from brunch and yet you’re still scrolling through Instagram in bed? Are you perpetually getting to the office a bit later than you’re supposed to? There are so many people who suffer from lateness, but if you’re interested on working towards the prompt life, here are a few tips and recommendations to get your life back on time.

Diana DeLonzo, management consultant and author of Never Be Late Again, says she was once known to be that person who was never on time. Always running late began catching up to her, and she focused on changing her tactics so she would be able to be more grounded, accountable and time focused.

Here’s how to master the skill.

Figure out your ‘why’

The key to stop being late is to figure out why you are late. Are you a person who is only late to work but always on time for social outings? Or maybe it’s the other way around?

Realizing if you’re choosing to be late for something you may not be interested in or if you truly have a time management problem is the first step at realizing how to be better about being on time. If you truly need help with time management, DeLonzo goes through some helpful tips about how to become more prompt.

Time slot your morning routine 

Think of what your morning routine. How long do you think each of those tasks take? Write your guess down on a piece of paper, and then time yourself to see how long it actually takes you. This way, you can find some concrete numbers for you to adjust the time in which you start getting ready and have the appropriate amount of time to get yourself to wherever you need to be.

Give yourself ten minutes of wiggle room

Always plan on being somewhere 10-15 minutes early. Planning to be on time rarely works out well if someone has poor time management skills, so aim to get there a bit early and you may just be making it there on time!

Find your motivation

Third, find a motivator to getting to somewhere early, such as being able to read your favorite magazine before starting work. This will help train yourself that it feels good to be on time and accountable.

Use an app

There are also many apps that now help with time management, including Google Calendar, which lets you create events and give yourself multiple reminders. Set a reminder to leave 15 minutes before you need to—it will help you make it to the place on time. Also, if you live in a city, download public transportation apps to see when the trains will be arriving to the stations. This will also motivate you to get yourself up and get to the train on time, because if you’re someone who is consistently late, you are most likely someone who also hates to wait for things—and waiting for the train frustrates even the most patient person.

While your phone can be a distraction, it can also be a great tool to help keep you on track and, hopefully, on time.

Remember how it’ll make you feel to be on time

To all those perpetually late people, you have the knowledge and power to make the appropriate changes to make yourself efficient and on time! If you make changes in your life so that you are on time and are able to be respectful, responsible and accountable, you will feel better about yourself. Plus, your friends, family and coworkers will appreciate your efforts to make this change in your lifestyle.

Ali Lizzi is a New York City based freelance fitness, health and beauty writer and an active member of the fitness community. She’s always up for discovering a new fitness studio to sweat in, flying to another city to travel to and eating any kind of vegan bites that she can get her hands on. Follow her journey on Instagram!