ClassPass Book of the Week: Headed to the Beach? Get This

I’m a sucker for a cute love story so when I heard about Windfall, I was excited to get my hands on an early copy. Though this must-read doesn’t hit bookstores until May, it’s worth getting on the preorder list so you can have it for all of your summer travels. Why? This isn’t your typical girl meets boy, girl falls for boy kind of story. This is the story of how winning lottery can change far more than the number in your bank account.   


Author: Jennifer E. Smith
Genre: Young Adult; Romance
GoodReads Rating: 4.05
My Rating: 4

Who Would Love This Book:

If you’re looking for a light-hearted, quick vacation read.

Synopsis in 140 characters or less:

For his 18th birthday, Alice buys Teddy a lottery ticket and shockingly enough, he actually wins! See how the money changes everything.

Why You Should Read It:

Alice and Teddy have had a rough past — Alice lost both her parents at a young age and Teddy’s dad walked out on him. Alice went to live with her cousin Leo and the trio was born. On Teddy’s 18th birthday, Leo and Alice buy him gag gifts one of which is a lottery ticket.

Low and behold, that ticket turns out to be a winning one.

What does an 18 year old kid who has never had any money do with millions of dollars? And how does this new money affect his life at school and his dynamic with his friends? And most importantly, what does this mean for Alice who happens to be secretly in love with Teddy? I promise, all these questions and more and answered in this book.

The friendships, family dynamics and underlying love story makes this a super fun read. All the characters are very lovable and you truly root for them all. Maybe it was for this reason that I finished the book in only a couple of days. I was incredibly invested in the happiness of all the characters (especially given what they’ve been through!). If you’re looking for an easy read to bring with you on your next vacation, I highly recommend this book!

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