Take One Of These Calorie-Burning Classes in Australia This Month

Maybe you had a stressful work week or you just took a holiday and now you need to get back into action. Rebuilding your fitness routine can be a tough to-do list item, especially while you’re balancing a social life, eating clean and you know, sleeping! One way to kick yourself into gear and make you motivated to work out at your max level is to take a class that really works up your heart rate. 

These classes will help build your strength and conditioning, all while making your endurance longer and sustainable. No matter if you call Sydney home or Perth, take one of these classes to get yourself on track. And hey, don’t forget to tell us about your experiences using #ClassPassAU so we can celebrate your dedication:

99 Sweat at Studio 99 Training Centre – Brisbane

Studio 99 says it how it is – so as the name suggests, you’ll be sweating it all out this session. This class is suitable for all levels of fitness so get ready to burn off those chocolate eggs using medicine balls, tyres, running through speed ladders, pushing sleds with some hill sprints. You’ll be motivated by the trainers, improve your fitness and work hard for it!

Barre Cardio at Barre Body – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne (various studios)

Fitness, bending, core – this class will offer a variety of resistance, strength and strength-based movements with options depending on where you’re at. Newbies to the Barre classes say they will try this class again and felt ‘damn good afterwards’. Let this energising total body cardio class combining high energy cardio intervals (HIIT), pilates and barre conditioning help you get back on track after a binge.

Ride45 at Bodhi & Ride –  Melbourne (various locations)

Bodhi & Ride’s founder, Michaela Fellner says her Ride classes are absolutely calorie torching, proven by the fact that everyone walks out of her classes drenched in sweat. We all know spin classes tone the legs and butt and strengthens the heart and lungs but these classes add some targeted strength moves for your arms, chest, back and shoulders too! This class will transform your cardio workout to a fun full body workout. Lose that extra baggage by incorporating resistant training into your routine – and it’s only 45 minutes! Don’t forget, adding resistant training is also proven to increase recovery time and repeatedly exposing muscles to high-intensity exercise improves resistance to fatigue also increasing endurance.

Bounce Fit at Bounce Inc – Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth (various locations)

Reminisce back to childhood days – trampolines were super FUN right?! We jumped, we flipped, tried to do tricks – it was just so much FUN! Finally, they’re not just for kids anymore. They’ve created trampoline fitness classes supercharged with all the benefits of free jumping providing high-intensity low-impact cardio workouts that are going to blast your core, tone the body and lift the heart rate. Just what will be needed to bounce back after a break and you can smile and laugh while doing it.

Barre at S3 Studio – Melbourne (various locations)

If you haven’t tried a Barre class yet, this is the one to try! Designed and choreographed by a physiotherapist to fun playlists, you’ll love this workout that strengthens and challenges your core, balance and coordination. Who knew you could fuse elements of dance, pilates, cardio and endurance exercises that are safe into an intense and effective full body workout? Tone up and slim down those calories in this class!

Leaner at Agoga – Sydney

 The combination of high repetition, lightweight resistance, aerobic intervals and active recovery will keep your heart rate elevated for the full class burning away those calories. You’ll move the whole body using cables, TRX, free weights and treadmills to energising music that will make time fly.

P.L.A.Y Vinyasa – Heated at Power Living – Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth (various locations)

A warm yoga flow quickly turns into a sweaty, dynamic and intensely satisfying full body practice in this class. The heated classes are at 32 degrees helping you to open up and deepen your practice while rinsing out and detoxifying the body. The classes are popular, and popular for a reason – the atmosphere is welcoming and fun, the teachers are inspiring, you receive a full body workout while connecting with your mind and breath and leave feeling refreshed, energised and powerful all at the same time.

Fight Fit at Fitness 33 – Adelaide

The burn won’t happen unless it’s challenging and you work hard and this class will push you to your limits! Fight Fit is a total strengthening and conditioning high intensity interval class with functional and cross fit training style that leaves no area of fitness untouched. The trainers make each session different and interesting keeping you engaged in your fitness and wanting to build that strength, endurance and strong core.  You’ll do everything from squats, planks, burpees and wall holds and use everything – battle ropes, steps, kettle bells, wall balls, ladders and rings.

Core Vinyasa at Beyondbeing Power Yoga – Perth

Activate and find your full range of muscles and build a strong core in a dynamic Core Vinyasa yoga class at Beyond Being. This class has a strong focus on strengthening and stabilising the core while supporting and protecting the body. It will give your body and mind the space to spice it up, warm it, clear it and cleanse it. The yoga teachers are very knowledgeable with all aspects of yoga and physical anatomy and will give you new opportunities and challenges to explore your full potential. Being a stronger flow class focused on the abdominals, you’ll elevate your heart rate and start to engage your belly while also being mindful, stretching and strengthening your body.

Crew 101 at Crew Row – Sydney

This 45-minute workout is super fun and you’ll feel the results! This class is much more than just rowing. It’s spiced up with body weight exercises, dumbbells, resistance bands, movement, flexibility, stability, and much more. You’ll feel the intensity as your heart rate stays up burning away the weekend binge. Being low impact, there’s minimal wear and tear on your bod – also making it a great workout for a variety ages, fitness levels, experience levels, and goals. The lights are dimmed, music is up and the training crew keep it faced paced, motivating and interesting with quick transitions. Jumping between from your rower and adjacent mat, you’ll burn more in the blink of an eye.

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