How ClassPass Helped Me Stay Positive When I Tore My ACL

Editor’s note: If you suffer any injury, please seek the advice and recommendation of a medical professional before attending classes or working out. 

The inevitable result of an injury is that it requires some (often dramatic) adjustments to your way of life. It requires you, as the injured, to take a step back from how you operate day-to-day, reassess and make necessary changes.

The acceptance is the first stage and we can often accept things quickly without completely digesting the ramifications. This makes the actual adjustment quite hard. But the reality is there are two options, you can either wallow in self pity (and ahem, consume ten blocks of chocolate per day), become miserable and totally uninspiring and cause more damage to your body and your life… or accept what has happened, know that time will heal (in most cases), that things could be worse and get on with what you can do.

I don’t know about you, but I picked the latter. After a skiing accident left me with a torn ACL and MCL in my knee, I knew I couldn’t just sit idly or I would lose it. Instead, I decided to find ways to stay active (with doctor approval, of course).  

The great news is that there are options out there that can help. There is no doubt that ClassPass is designed to keep us moving… but there are times in our lives where movement is not possible. Regardless of where you live, finding low-impact classes and experiences that allow you to go slower and develop your own pace will help keep you both mentally and physically strong.

This list of experiences in Sydney is for ClassPass’ers out there who are nursing an injury (both physical and mental) or just need some solid down time (and that is okay!).

Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool

There is nothing better than just floating in water to take the pressure of all of your joints, muscles and ligaments. Find some time either mid-week or on the weekend to get to Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool for a paddle or some easy laps. Grab a coffee or delish lunch at the cafe upstairs to break up your time in the sun!

Nimbus & Co

Settle into this infrared heated booth for 45minutes and fully cleanse your skin and your mind. Turn up your favourite tunes via the computer system or read a magazine and have some total you time.

Centred Meditation

This studio is one of my all time faves. Relax into the comfy seats with pillow and blanket and immerse yourself in a real-life guided meditation for thirty minutes. You will be taken to ski fields, beaches, rock pools whilst physically being in the heart of the Sydney CBD. One of the best ways to calm the mind and give back to your body.

The indigo project

A little hidden gem in Surry Hills, The indigo project offers yoga, meditation and sleep time classes. Allocate some time to yourself, especially if movement is not possible and take a dedicated meditation or sleep class to really let go and feel at peace with your new situation.

ClassPass videos:

It’s likely that there are some parts of your body that can still function. Scroll through the )(new!) ClassPass Videos section to find a workout that can work for you. Whether it be isolating arms and abs (if you have injured your lower half) or legs if your injury relates to your upper body, there is something in the videos section for most and even a short seven minutes will help to get your heart rate up and make you feel good!

As a result of an injury or life adjustment we must learn to slow down and to appreciate the new. I encourage you to find a way to readjust and find happiness in what you can do. No doubt your injury will heal and in no time you will be back at the barre, on the rower and doing mountain climbers.

Until that time comes, enjoy the chill zone and new experiences. And as always, stay positive! 


Bree Pratt is the Partner Success Manager (Sydney and Melbourne) for ClassPass. Bree studied law and practiced in Sydney, but her passion for yoga and work-outs brought her into health and fitness industry. Bree qualified as a Yoga Teacher earlier in 2015, and has recently expanded her fitness regime to include strength, spin, barre and pilates. Bree is hardworking and determined to support all of her ClassPass partners to make their experience with ClassPass as awesome as it can be.