15 Gorgeous Yoga Photos that Will Give You Serious Zen

Of all the different types of studios you can choose from in your ClassPass pack, there’s something unique about yoga. Besides the fact that it has been practiced for centuries and is truly an all-ages, all-inclusive type of exercise, the positions are absolutely breathtaking–and totally IG-worthy.

Here, we’ve rounded up 15 of the most stunning, awe-inspiring yogi photos we could find to give you serious wanderlust and zen.

Ocean oasis

One of the most common misconceptions about yoga (from non-yogis, of course) is that you’re in a continuous pretzel twist. Not so, says @gypsetgoddess, who shows that even the simplest pose can provide the most tranquility.


My new life plan: Dreamed it. Then real lifed it. 😉 . . . 👙: @theminimaleanimale 📸: @eveinmotion

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Mother and child handstand

Speaking of unorthodox, this post from @yoga_girl shows that, even when 33 weeks pregnant, you can still achieve some amazing feats when you trust your breathing and your amazing body.


31 weeks today!💪🏼 Feeling good with lots of energy still – people keep telling me that these are the most difficult weeks but so far so good. Poppy has started kicking me in the bladder so hard I almost pee my pants five times a day which is less fun, and I’m having some pelvic girdle pain in the mornings which makes lifting myself out of bed tricky (Dennis has to help me and cracks up the whole time)😂 But once I’m up… I’m up! Still practicing yoga and yes, still inverting when it feels right. Getting some pressure off my hips feels really good even though balance is trickier than normal (but please note that I’ve practiced yoga for over a decade, teach for a living and know my body very well – I wouldn’t put many almost 8-month pregnant women in a handstand). We are super busy with the @island.yoga studio these days – only five days until our grand opening! I’m glad I still have all of this energy because I really need it🙏🏼✨❤️ Wishing you all a beautiful Tuesday! #pregnancy #31weeks #yogaeverydamnday

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Acrobatic yoga

With breathtaking Rio de Janeiro in the backdrop, this crew of acrobatic yogis is giving us serious #squadgoals. That is, if our squad had contortionists.


repost @justincaruso ⠀ ⠀ Justin is teaching with @jasonnemer in Rio De Janeiro July 12-30 at the Brasil Teacher Training. This will be a tri-lingual training designed to widen your global aperture while getting you ready to teach AcroYoga. Join the worldwide AcroYoga family and apply to the Brasil TT today.⠀ AcroYoga.org/brasil2017 ⠀ We’ve set up an incredible teaching team, led by @justincaruso and @jasonnemer, and support from @coni.guevara, @daniarapha, @leticiayoga, Paulo Viceconti, Satori Silva, and Thais Joi Pontes.⠀ ⠀ Can’t make the whole training? We’ve set this training up in a modular form to give you more flexibility. You can take the first module July 12-19, and complete the second module in the future at another one of our modular trainings. You will build community across the globe, while balancing your life at home.⠀ ⠀ #aytt #teachertraining #acroyogateachertraining #move #connect #play #moveconnectplay #ayi #aylifestyle #acroyogainternational #whereiacro #weareinternational #acro #yoga #partneryoga

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Urban bridge to lotus

As this post from @danatrixieflynn proves, not all yoga pictures need picturesque beaches or enchanted forests in the background to look stunning. Sometimes, all you need is the right angle–and a little bit of soul.

The body as art

While our favorite pose is undoubtedly savasanah, yogi/Instagrammer @justferd is inspiring us to (literally) reach a little bit further during our next class with these amazing angular, artful moves.

Namaste in unity

Although yoga is traditionally a solitary exercise, there’s something truly magical when those same poses are done in unison with dozens, if not hundreds, more bodies, as this amazing pic from Adidas Wanderlust shows.  


Find your flow, yo. 〰 #Wanderlust108 #adidaswanderlust @adidaswomen

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Bay beauty

This San Francisco Bay pose is super chill, aside from the fact that, you know, Instagrammer @patbailey is upside down on her head. But despite the ridiculous pain we assume she’s in, it’s still pretty awe-inspiring to look at!


. . Vibe it. _________________________ 📍Marin, CA | 📷: Addison Scout | #vibeit .

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Purple dreams

@daughteroftheuniverse is known for taking pretty, nature-filled yoga photos on her feed, but photo with a dreamy purple lens is truly breathtaking—and definitely inspires us want to be a bit more creative with our Instagram filters.


“It is not your passing thoughts or brilliant ideas so much as your plain everyday habits that control your life….Live simply. Don’t get caught in the machine of the world— it is too exacting. By the time you get what you are seeking your nerves are gone, the heart is damaged, and the bones are aching. Resolve to develop your spiritual powers more earnestly from now on. Learn the art of right living. If you have joy you have everything,so learn to be glad and contented….Have happiness now.” -Paramahansa Yogananda Words to live by for sure 💜 For our last day of #OpenHeartHealing we invite you to explore Wild Thing, or Flipped Dog. Be sure to tag the hosts @gigiyogini @erica_mather and myself, as well as our sponsor @ashapateldesigns. Big love to everyone who participated! 📷: @glorychildproductions

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Winter wonderland

While downward dog on a beach or in a tranquil desert probably sounds far more appealing than getting your hands and feet wet in the cold snow, this pic from @laurasykora shows that there is beauty in adversity and change.

Tahoe tribe

Although @jaimeanderson spends most of her days shredding the slopes as a professional snowboarder, she knows the path to a lean, toned body and centered mind is through her continuous yoga routines.


Throw back to home life chillin at fallen leaf lake with miss @hannahteter! #yoga #explore #balance #tahoetribe #peace #namaste

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Oahu tranquility

Okay, @mackenzieyoga, we will move to Oahu with you and practice yoga on picturesque rocks near ocean shore. But only because you’re absolutely forcing us to.

Desert dreams

When it’s over 100 degrees in the blazing desert heat, there’s no need to sign up for a Bikram yoga class, as @lornajaneactive shows us. Just make sure you’re properly hydrated before, during and after your posing.

Sunset sutra

Who said that you need a horse-drawn carriage and prince to ride off happily in the sunset? Definitely not @talia_sutra, who is soaking up the last bits of sun toward the end of the day in her stunning bridge photo.


Make your life yours. #loveandalliscoming #tb #yoga in @aloyoga 📷 @ezrabaderman

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Rustic zen

The beauty of yoga is that you can pose any time, anywhere. Just adopt the right attitude and mindset, like @lizbell1313, and you can namaste even in the least likely locations.

Bare brilliance

When it comes to the most ridiculously beautiful and artistic yoga photos on Instagram, look no further than @lululemon. We love this strikingly bare black-and-white shoot that gives an entirely new meaning to being one with your body and soul.

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