Try These 7 Fun Workout Tanks from Etsy

There’s no workout motivation quite like slipping on some brand-new workout gear, am I right? Whether it’s a new pair of kicks, a fun new sports bra or even a brand-new water bottle, rocking your latest fitness finds can make any class feel brand new again—kind of like fresh school supplies on the first day of school. Having trouble making it to that early-morning workout? The answer could be as simple as a fresh outfit laid out the night before to keep you on track to make it there early in the a.m.

If you’re looking for something a bit more customized and out of the box, there’s no better place to search for some new fitness threads than Etsy. Just about any workout tank you could possibly dream up exists there, whether you’re looking for a racerback with a witty saying or something that’ll stay in place during your yoga headstands. Ready to get shopping? Here are a few of our favorite Etsy tank tops no matter your workout!

A butterfly top for cardio dance 

This soft cotton tank is fitted, which makes it great for your cardio classes since it stays in place while you move. Plus, if you’re headed to a dance workout, the fin flared sleeves will add some extra sass to your step. The racerback cut also means it’ll line right up with the silhouette of your sports bra.
Buy it now: Gray Purple Melange Butterfly Top, $45

Resting gym face muscle tee for strength training

Sometimes the best workout motivation comes from slipping on a tank with a strong, snarky saying that makes you feel like a champion. This “resting gym face” muscle tee will get your classmates laughing, and showing off your guns and those abs, thanks to the cute knotted bottom. War it to your next strength training class, and you’ll be able to stake your claim at the kettlebell rack.
Buy it now: Resting Gym Face Muscle Tee, $22

A burnout tank for HIIT

For a tank that’ll make even your hot class instructor blush, there’s this moisture wicking tank that speaks the truth. It’s not your fault that the guy has a dirty mind, right? The material makes it perfect for classes where you’re working up a severe sweat, like HIIT. Plus, the bows on this tank are completely color customizable.
Buy it now: Women’s Burnout Tank, $22

Inspiring tank for lower-body workouts

Hakuna Masquata—what a wonderful phrase. It means you’re working hard on that squat booty, and looking good while doing it. And at just $12 a pop, you can buy a few to wear to workouts that target those glutes. And it’s fitted, meaning you can jump squat your little heart out while it stays in place.
Buy it now: Hakuna Masquata Tank, $12

A zen tank for yoga

This yoga-themed tank is made out of super light soft material, which makes it great for your hot yoga classes. With seven different colors to choose from, there’s one that’ll match whatever mood you’re in. Plus it’s eco-friendly, and the design is printed with environmentally safe ink.
Buy It Now: Yoga!Womens OM SYMBOL Yoga Shirt, $20

Morning motivation tank for early classes

Need some extra motivation for not hitting the snooze? If the tank top you’re rocking says it’s time to rise and grind, then it must be true. Pro tip: Wear this super comfy tank to bed the night before class, and you’ll be halfway ready to take on your morning class. Just don’t forget to put some pants on.
Buy it now: Rise & Grind Black Racerback Workout Tank, $20

Funny tank for weightlifting

Headed to a weight lifting class? Let em’ know with this tank top that’s a party in the back. Semi-fitted and made out of breathable fabric, these tanks are also extra long to keep them from riding up while you’re deadlifting, shoulder pressing and building those muscles. Two tickets to the gun show? We think yes.
Buy it now: LFT HVY SHT Workout Shirt, $19

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