5 Trips Everyone Should Take Before They Have Kids

There eventually comes a time in everyone’s journey of #adulting when it happens: You’re faced with the prospect of having kids. According to a lot of people in history, having children is a supremely rewarding experience that forever changes and enriches your life. However, there’s no denying that procreating tends to somewhat limit your lifestyle choices, including how and where you travel. With this in mind, here are some trip ideas for all you wanderlusters to consider before you start brainstorming baby names:

A solo trip

There’s nothing else quite like discovering a new destination completely on your own. Without the noise and distractions of travel companions, you can truly slow down, observe your surroundings, and be present in the moment. When you’re traveling with a group, every decision in your travel itinerary requires a democratic process. When it’s just you, your opinion is the only one that counts, and you’re on no one’s schedule but your own. Wanna sleep in until noon, and then have a long, leisurely lunch at a local cafe? Go ahead. Feel like a sunrise run on the beach and then setting out for an epic day of sightseeing? By all means, there’s no one stopping you. And you better believe that these days completely to yourself will be few and far between once you start a family of your own.

A girls’ trip

Your precious and fleeting time on this earth sans children should be wisely spent to realize your ultimate #squadgoals. Whether it’s a bachelorette party or no particular occasion at all other than to celebrate life among your kindred spirits, a trip with your tightest girlfriends is one of life’s greatest gifts. Let’s start by talking about how amazing it is to get ready together. Kind of like when you would pregame a party in college, getting ready with your girlfriends is nine times out of 10 more fun than the actual event you’re going to. Then, imagine an entire trip based around the core pleasure points of the female existence: brunch, shopping, idly lying by a body of water for hours on end, and eating all of the best junk food in sight, all while sharing in your mutual love of taking way too many photos of it all. You’ll love looking at those photos one day… when you’re a mom!

A bucket list adventure trip

Once you start bringing miraculous bundles of joy into the world, you won’t feel quite as inclined or have the life flexibility to casually hike Mount Everest, trek Machu Picchu, or scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef. So, what are you waiting for? Take all your ClassPass training and put it to the test beyond the fitness studio. You won’t feel any maternal guilt while you’re plunging into open waters with sharks looming near, or bungee jumping from unfathomable heights, when there are no children waiting for you at home. Unleash your adrenaline to discover your dream outdoor adventure, and you’ll surprise yourself to learn what your body (and mind) are capable of. The best part? You’ll have killer stories to tell your kids one day.

A music festival trip

Before you start having kids, I implore you to ask yourself one important, existential question: Have you devoted an entire week or weekend of your life solely to not showering, wearing the same outfit for 72 hours, attempting to camp, and rubbing up against a crowd of sweaty, happy, festival bodies to lose yourself completely in live music? No? Then now is your chance to embrace your inner Woodstock babe. And while you’re at it, take this opportunity to try out a daring festival fashion choice that could potentially be somewhat awkward to sport in public as a parent. Whether you want to don furry rave boots and a bikini for an EDM set at Ultra Festival in Miami, or DIY a pair of super-short denim cut-offs for Coachella, the world is your child-free oyster.

An adults-only getaway

This may seem obvious, but hitting up an adults-only locale with you’re a parent isn’t really a thing—at least not without locking in a babysitter first. While it’s still simple, plan a trip with your best friend, sister, significant other or whomever you please, to live the lavish life and splurge on a stay at sophisticated, five-star resort. Maybe it’s somewhere nestled in the hills of the Tuscany wine region, or in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives. Wherever you choose, one factor remains the same: doing fancy adult things, with the rare sound of silence that comes from having no children in your immediate environment. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Julia Cavalieri is a travel and hospitality publicist loving the ClassPass life in Miami. Fueled by cafecito and Florida sunshine, you can usually find her dancing front row at local concerts, planning her next escape to the Caribbean, or obsessing over her funny feline sidekicks, Zooey and Fritz. Follow her on Instagram .