Go for Gold! St. Patrick’s Day-Inspired Workout Gear

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day calls for corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, and lots and lots of beer. But, of course, you’re going to squeeze in that workout to balance it all out. But what are you going to wear to class on St. Patty’s Day to get yourself into the spirit of the holiday?

Whether you’ve been looking for an excuse to add a few new items to your workout wardrobe or really want to represent this year (or both!), we’ve rounded up St. Patrick’s Day-inspired workout gear to rock during your workout—and maybe right out to the bar afterwards to celebrate. Hey, it only comes once a year!

For dual-purpose wear

Whether you’re sweating through a workout or headed for a night out, these mermaid-style leggings are going to turn heads. Pair them with boots and a leather jacket for a totally badass look.
Buy It Now: Mermaid Green Leggings, $20, Etsy.com

For outdoor runs

Hit the trails in search of the pot o’gold at the end of the rainbow. Or just wear these super festive kicks while you’re working toward breaking your fastest run time.
Buy It Now: Nike Free TR FlyKnit Sneakers, $110, Nike.com

For dance class

Shimmy those shoulders all you want—the girls will stay in place in this super cute rainbow sports bra. The circular back give you extra support, so you can nail your dance moves without worry.
Buy It Now: Athleta Full Focus Bra, $20, Athleta.com

For boxing

Show off those guns and your Irish pride. Nail your one-two’s in this fun cotton tank that’ll make even your super serious boxing teacher crack a smile.
Buy It Now: I Love Ireland Tank, $30, Spreadshirt.com

For yoga

Green is the color of energy and renewal. What better way to manifest this than by wearing this tank top to your next yoga class? Channel feelings of growth and new life during meditation.
Buy It Now: The Northface Women’s Tank, $35, ems.com

For barre class

Point those leprechauns, er, we mean…feet. Who could tell the difference, really, when you’re sporting these whimsical St. Patty’s Day socks?
Buy It Now: Leprechaun Ankle Socks, $1, PartyCity.com

For cardio class

It’s important to stay hydrated during cardio class. Thanks to this water bottle with a built-in filter from Brita, it’s easier than ever to fill up and sweat it out.
Buy It Now: Brita Water Bottle, $7, Target.com

For martial arts class

Need to keep the sweat out of your eyes while you’re working on your karate moves? Tie this clover green sweatband around your head, and you’ll have luck on your side as you karate chop and hi-ya! your way through class.
Buy It Now: Nike Tennis Headband, $12, Nike.com

For HIIT class

Sweat glitter, and wipe it up with rainbows. These rainbow tie dye hand towels are ultra absorbent and even expand to cover your mat while you’re doing floor exercises.
Buy It Now: Rainbow Tie Dye Towels, $6, Etsy.com

For any class

If you’re going to be out in public on St. Patrick’s Day, you need to own this staple t-shirt. Bonus points if you wear this to a class where you know the cute trainer is Irish. I mean, just because you aren’t Irish doesn’t mean you should miss out on some potential free kisses, am I right?
Buy It Now: Kiss Me I’m Irish T-Shirt, $20, HauntedFlower.com

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