The Healthiest Thing You Can Order On St. Patrick’s Day Might Surprise You

While you’re busy packing your green workout gear and getting amped up for your post-work plans, you’re likely going to treat yourself to some Irish-inspired fare. What’s lower in calories – corned beef and cabbage meal or two Guinness stouts? 

Corned Beef and Cabbage

A six ounce serving of corned beef has 426 calories, 25 percent from fat and 27 percent from saturated fat. It has 1,928 milligrams of sodium, which is 80 percent of your recommended allowance for the day. Cabbage is very low in calories (17 per ½ cup serving), but all of it’s nutritional benefits are negated by the beef! However, the dish is high is some vitamins and minerals, like B12 and zinc.

Two Guinness Stouts

Arthur Guinness started brewing beer in 1769 in Ireland, but Americans didn’t have a sip until it was exported to NYC in 1840. The first advertising campaign slogan was “Guinness is Good For You” and has been a St. Paddy’s day staple in bars across the country ever since. Guinness Stout has some surprisingly good qualities: One 12 ounce serving has 125 calories (only 15 more than Bud Light!), Guinness is not higher in alcohol content (most beers have 5 percent alcohol by volume, Guinness has 4.2 percent), and the rich brown hue and slight sweetness are from roasted barley.

The Winner Is…

Opt to sip up to two Guinness beers. At 250 for both pours you can avoid sodium overload from eating corned beef and cabbage, but make sure you do have something in your system and stay hydrated so you don’t turn green. 

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